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Why do you think it is, that some people seem to reach some kind of state of "enlightenment" or awakening, but they still can't do that Jesus was able to do?

Why is it that they claim enlightenment, but they don't seem to have power over death? Why is it they claim awakening, but they can't reverse sickness in their bodies? Why is it that they still cause their bodies to die, but they claim to be at peace? Why do they still hold pictures of cruxicifion before their brother's eyes accusing them of sin?

I'm curious as to what the limitation is... some kind of block, some kind of ceiling, that is enabling a person to believe they are "done", but while still not enabling them to DO what Jesus was able to do?In ACIM, the curriculum is said

to end in resurrection, in which the power of God is asserted as LIFE, and in which death and sickness become impossible, both at the mental and physical levels. That the body's health is now fully guaranteed, sickness is impossible, and death is surmounted. To such a degree that the body can no longer be left by "dying", it can only be left through the disappearing of the body by the power of the mind.

That is far beyond and a much taller accomplishment, than being "at peace", but still having a sick body, or going through death. And in particular, not being able to heal the sickness in the minds OR bodies or other people. If anyone goes thorugh death, they essentially have NOT finished the curriciulum, because LIFE is the curriculum and resurrection means the assertion of LIFE!

There is somethig missing. And there is something causing this something that's missing to remain missing.

Somehow, it seems that due to how the body is set up or something, or some weird way people are looking at their minds, we seem able to reach what seems like a state of awakening, but it's not the same thing as being awake FROM dreaming, only awake "in" dreaming. And maybe it's not even that.

The only clue I've heard relating to this was in a video by some Yogi guy who was talking about how awakening can proceed up the chakras and a person can seem to find great peace for example by awakening to the brow chakra level, but that they are not really done until they reach the crown chakra level. In other words, that "lesser" degrees of awakening are possible, which are in and of themselves profound, and seem to bring with them SOME degree of peace and love, but which STILL fall short.

The key question I always ask myself is.... is this person performing miracles? Can this person DO what Jesus could do, given that he said we would do the same things and greater. Are we fulfilling that? Is the so-called "awake" person ACTUALLY ABLE to walk on water, or part an ocean, or raise the dead, or heal all forms of sickness? Can they multiply fish and loaves? Do they really have any supernatural POWER at all? Is there any evidence that they are expressing the unlimited POWER OF GOD which is their inheritance?

Because it seems to me that the "goal" for a lot of people is some kind of enlightenment, but it seems to be an enlightenment that DOES NOT bring with it any kind of miracle-working, or any kind of POWER. I keep asking myself, "but where's the miracles?" There are ACIM teachers some of whom claim awakening and enlightenment, but nevertheless don't even remotely hold a candle to what Jesus was able to do. Why? Why aren't they having multiple counts of raising the dead? Why are they not roaming the streets healing the sick and giving people new eyeballs and feeding the hungry out of thin air?

There are even saints in christianity, catholicism etc, who have a much more significant record of healing the sick, raising the dead, and performing all kinds of miracles, way beyond what ANY acim teacher has as yet demonstrated. There are people who claim that Ken W and Bill T were enlightened... but... nothing even close to walking on water. There are ACIM people who seem to have experienced major awakening states, but... still seem to have egos, and sicknesses. And it just leaves me wondering... why.... why are people wanting, and claiming, enlightened states of awareness, which are clearly far BENEATH the capabilities of Jesus? And threfore below their own full potential?

I've heard non-duality teachers talking about being in states of peace and bliss and self acceptance and recognition of truth etc. But.... nary a single sign of any miracle working. I've heard the likes of Mooji, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, various others, who claim awakening, and clearly are experiencing SOMETHING, and yet... clearly... are nowhere near Jesus in terms of what he could do. And it's not like it's a competition or a comparison game... it's just that.... WHY the heck can't these people even REMOTELY do some of what he did?

It seems like there are somehow states of awakening, levels of awakening, states of awareness, in which there can be experiences of some kind of peace and love etc, BUT.... that these states are still lacking something. And it seems that people who get into these states, get STUCK there, thinking it's the end of the road. They lose all sense of wanting to keep looking deeper.

There's clearly profound teachings coming out of the mouths of some of these people. They have achieved SOMETHING, there's some incredible insight and clarity... but.... where's the fucking miracles?!

In ACIM, we're told about how our holiness enables us to do ANYTHING. We're told that what the Holy Spirit enables us to do is SO far beyond this world, it is not even of this world. We are told that we are under no laws but God's and that miracles BREAK all the laws of time and space and mass and distance. We're told our minds have the power to move mountains, and that this is even an insignificant use of its power. Even that our minds have the power to create worlds.

And then we have someone sitting on a mushroom surrounded by eager listeners sounding all wonderful and spiritual but .... not demonstrating any kind of power over the world whatsoever. How can a person truly have "mastered" the ilusory world if they are AT ITS EFFECT the whole time? If they can't even so much as make a tiny object move with their mind. What kind of mastery over illusions is that?

It seems to me sometimes like there's maybe a state people can get into where all they've done is make the world real in their mind but have 'sidestepped it', and are now sitting on a fence and trying "let it be" and "total acceptance" of what happens.... but in such a PASSIVE way... such a non-active, non-demonstrating, no proactive, non-healing, non-miraculous way. Such a NON POWERFUL way. A way which is like just being totally neutral. But Jesus says holiness is NOT neutral, it is positive and creative and powerful.

And where is the faith? And where is the faith that moves mountains and raises the dead? And what about the fact that ACIM tells us that we made sickness and death and can abolish them? And that miracles undo everything the world attests can never be undone? And that the body can and should symbolize immortality in order to teach with a power greater than a thousand tongues your brother's innocence?

Some christian believers might say. ..."faith without works is dead". Where are the works? ACIM literally says, "Do his works". It tells us that you can't see the holy spirit but you can see his manifestations and unless you do you will not know he is there. Seems to me so many people have no clue that he even EXISTS, yet alone SEES his manifestations in this world.

ACIM also tells us that Jesus told the disciples to go out with the Holy Spirit and heal others and heal themselves. It's like dropping a major hint. We're really supposed to be doing that also!


Where's the POWER OF GOD?


Where's the FAITH that has the power to be miraculous and bring about changes in any form, easily, with no difficulty?

What's with all this "let's just find some peace and sit there doing nothing" bullshit? Devoid of faith, devoid of dependency on God's power, devoid of any kind of miracle working ability whatosever. Who wants that? Do you want that? To just be inert?

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