Jesus demonstrated miracles to prove the truth is true

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In the book "Absence from Felicity," Ken Wapnick includes a special message from Jesus to Helen about the resurrection. It came because Helen asked Ken if he believed in the physical resurrection of Jesus. Ken suggested she, "ask the ‘Boss’ himself." Here’s the message she received:

"My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it. The last one had gone. It was laid in the tomb, but there was nothing left to bury. It did not disintegrate because the unreal cannot die. It merely became what it always was. And that is what "rolling the stone away" means. The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond. It merely ceases to interfere with vision. To roll the stone away is to see beyond the tomb, beyond death, and to understand the body’s nothingness. What is understood as nothing must disappear.

"I did assume a human form with human attributes afterwards, to speak to those who were to prove the body’s worthlessness to the world. This has been much misunderstood. I came to tell them that death is illusion, and the mind that made the body can make another since form itself is an illusion. They did not understand. But now I talk to you and give you the same message. The death of an illusion means nothing. It disappears when you awaken and decide to dream no more. And you still do have the power to make this decision as I did."


In this information, which I feel is very important, Jesus speaks about how he saw that his physical body was literally "nothing", that it was just an illusion. He saw through it and *recognized* that in reality, in truth, there was not really anything real there. This recognition caused his physical body to literally DISAPPEAR.

This is very different than what He describes as going through "death" in a peaceful way or laying down the body to die. Those routes do not take you out of the dream, they just end an incarnation and prepare the way to reincarnate. In order to leave the dream fully, the illusion of death, which the whole dream is based on, and which is the foundation of the body, must be fully recognized. When it is recognized as NOTHING, it will disappear. What remains is the Immortal Spirit that you are, which does not in any way need a body to exist.

This also tells us that while the body is hanging around and showing up, it essentially is still BLOCKING AWARENESS. It was made as a device to limit awareness, and this is also why Jesus says elsewhere that while in the body we may have glimpses of truth and light but that it will be difficult to sustain it. The body blocks us from being fully and wholly in that awareness all the time.

This also demonstrates how the presence of a physical form, a physical body, or even planet Earth, is actually a block in the mind of the Son of God. Bodies are just images in the mind. Physical bodies, forms, even subtle energy forms, are ILLUSIONS in the mind of the One Son of God who is dreaming the entire physical universe. While those forms/images persist and are not recognized as NOTHING, they will continue to block awareness at some level.

It may not seem to relate to you on a personal level, on a "I am one body" level, but it does matter if you want to go all the way past the body to the Christ mind. All forms, and the physical universe itself, must ultimately disappear when we all recognize and agree that it is literally nothing appearing as an illusion of something. Illusions when recognized as illusions, as nothing, MUST disappear. They don't hang around. Seeing their nothingness dissolves them, like light dispels darkness.

Finally, Jesus showing us that He could re-materialize a body, which appeared as just as much flesh-and-blood as any other body, after the crucifixion, DEMONSTRATED A MIRACLE. The miracle was possible by completely defying the ego's worldly laws which would say this is impossible. It was a supernatural act (actually natural since the world is unnatural), overriding all of the ego's worldly laws and SHOWING, teaching, proving, that mind has complete power over the body. This was a true demonstration of miracle-working abilities from a miraculous mind.

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