The world is a giant turd

Friday, May 27, 2016 402 words 1 mins 47 secs
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The world is just a limited place. Objects will always be separate. Gravity will try to pull us down. The sun will keep shining and the earth will keep having day and night. And there will be war.

The world is in a constant state of war because it was made as a war on God. Its very existence IS the war.

In Gary Renard's books, the world is described as a giant turd.

We try to polish the turd. What that means is, we have this notion that by applying 'changes' to the world, we will eventually change it 'into' some kind of perfection. But this is impossible. What does that perfection look like? Who decides? The truth is, it can only be transformed into a different version of the same stuff - you can move the furniture, you can decorate it, you can reconfigure it, you can seem to make bits of it go away or appear, but ultimately it is still the world.

The world will always be limited like this. You can make the world seem 'better' for a whole variety of reasons, but also ultimately this is an attempt to make the world something you want to STAY IN and KEEP. If you knew that keeping the world would keep you separate from GOD and from unconditional eternal love/life, would you want to keep it and polish it up and turn it into a idyllic perfect society, which btw is impossible?

If you can ACCEPT that the world is a turd, then you will be happier than constantly being compelled to upset by everything that doesn't fit with how you think it should be. And accepting it doesn't mean keeping it, it means letting it go. At some point you have to come to realize the world will never change and it always will eventually suck. It is spinning its wheels. Short term it can look like there's a point to various causes and efforts, but long term, civilizations rise and fall and everyone dies. How nice.

This is a cruel world, and God would not subject his children to this and be loving. It's the expectation that it should BE a loving world that makes us upset when it fails to be. We need to accept it for what it IS - which is an illusion/dream/unreality - and then we'll be willing to let it go and go home to God.

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