Unworthiness is settling for less

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Unworthiness comes from the belief that you cannot have the 'real thing' - the real love - God, because of something you did (sin), which means you have to SETTLE for lesser substitutes.

And likely, these lesser substitutes, you don't really want. But you don't think you deserve any better. So you try to idolize and emphasize these substitutes as though they are really valuable and important. Andthus you buy into illusions of how great they are, when really they are shallow, empty, and meaningless.

And really, as you try to accept the worthless junk that you think you are worthy of, you really are equating your value with the value of the things. And you can see this in society and commercialism where objects and substitutes are given special value, in fact value that seems to be 'above' the value that you possess, which is symbolized by how much money you own, therefore making these objects MORE valuable than your own self worth. So then to receive one of these objects seems like a 'gift' that bestows upon you, which you don't barely deserve. How low can be your estimation of yourself when you are excited about receiving some electronic gadget or the next best piece of clothing? You are FAR MORE WORTHY than this.

You deserve complete and total unconditional love, absolute perfect peace and happiness, immortality, eternal life, complete satisfaction, total acceptance, the absence of all fear and death, and a complete resurrection into God's eternal Heaven. That is far more valuable than ANYTHING this world can offer, and it is more in line with what you are REALLY WORTH.

So if you are believing or feeling you are unworthy, it's because you believe there's something wrong with you or that you did something unforgivable, that renders you not eligible for God's love.

Well I've got news for you.

God loves unconditionally. Which means you are ALWAYS eligible for God's love no matter what you do or what you believe.

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