A Course in Miracles is a radical teaching

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To say A Course in Miracles presents a radical teaching is an understatement. It includes:

a) You are immortal

b) There in no death

c) Nothing happens to you that you don't choose

d) There are no victims

e) There is no reason for any fear

f) There is no world

g) You are not a human body

h) The physical universe is hell

i) All sickness is a choice

j) All death is suicide

k) You are not a separate person

l) All of history and time has not happened

m) There has never been war, nobody ever died

n) What you do to others you literally do to yourself

o) You are a child of God equal to Jesus

p) You are responsible for everything

q) You always get everything you ask for and nothing else

r) You can't forgive anyone but yourself

s) You are only Spirit, nothing else

t) Suffering is not real

u) Nothing has ever happened to you, or at all

v) You are just pretending to be separate from God

w) You are in Heaven already, dreaming of exile

x) Sin, guilt and fear are never called for or justified

y) Everyone shares the same One identity and mind

z) Only God is real

to name a few.

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