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by Paul West

1903. Thinking outside the box with ACIM

Saturday, Aug 13, 2022 2972 words 13 mins 12 secs

There are many subjects in ACIM which can be difficult to understand. When we try to understand anything, we try to "make sense of it". If it makes sense, we're willing to accept it as true, because we can't...

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1902. You made-up death and you can undo it

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022 1457 words 6 mins 28 secs

"Life and death seem to be opposites because you have decided death ends life."

"you made death, and it is but illusion of an end."

"Miracles make time and tide wait for all men. They can heal the sick...

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1901. The world is meaningless and nothing in itself

Sunday, Aug 07, 2022 2180 words 9 mins 41 secs

"Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made" .... "earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way".

We made this world, the physical world, complete with stars and galaxies and planets and bodies,...

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1900. Don't ask the body to tell you about the body

Saturday, Aug 06, 2022 941 words 4 mins 10 secs

The body is entirely designed to look upon an illusory world and make it seem real. It is designed to take something unreal and give it seeming reality. To turn fantasy into fact and to experience its own unreality...

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1899. A Course in Miracles is beyond quantum physics

Saturday, Aug 06, 2022 1708 words 7 mins 35 secs

In the physical world we often think of quantum physics as the pinnacle of scientific success in describing "reality". The more you dig into it the more subtle it becomes. Quantum flux, string theory, unified theories of gravity, multi-dimensional...

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1898. Bodies are not equal

Saturday, Aug 06, 2022 1223 words 5 mins 26 secs

"Salvation must reverse the mad belief in separate thoughts and separate bodies which lead separate lives and go their separate ways."

"And if God created bodies, death would indeed be real."

On the one hand, it seems that people...

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1897. There is no world folks

Monday, Jul 25, 2022 670 words 2 mins 58 secs

All our lives we've given the world meaning.

"I've given the world all the meaning that it has for me."

The world in and of ITSELF has NO meaning whatseover.

"The world is meaningless in itself."

"Because it is...

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1896. Your brothers and the world are not causing you

Saturday, Jul 23, 2022 1243 words 5 mins 31 secs1 comments

It's very simple. God is the ONLY cause of you. God is the ONLY cause of anyone. Everyone who exists is solely caused by God and NOTHING else. Whatever God wills that we all be, we are that, and even...

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1895. Change your mind about the world

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2022 1141 words 5 mins 4 secs

The simple change that must occur in order to wake up to reality, is a change in premise. If the premise is that this world (earth etc) is real, then everything that happens in the world is real, and...

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1894. The world was designed to die

Monday, Jul 18, 2022 949 words 4 mins 13 secs

The passages below are pretty intense (each is from different parts of the course). They're basically saying that EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD IS DESTINED TO DIE. And that isn't an easy thing to comprehend yet alone accept. And if...

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1893. Separation vs The Separation from God

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022 764 words 3 mins 23 secs

"The Separation HAS occurred. To deny this is merely to misuse denial. However, to concentrate on error is merely a further misuse of legitimate psychic mechanisms. The true corrective procedure, which has already been described as the proper use of...

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1892. Finding yourself as a part of God

Thursday, Jun 16, 2022 1336 words 5 mins 56 secs

Lately I feel like I have found a whole new sense of identity, and that I've discovered God.

I have been dwelling on two workbook lessons, 91 and 92. They talk about how I am not a body, and...

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1891. Being a host to the Power of God

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2022 899 words 3 mins 59 secs

"My Father gives all power unto me."

"all power and glory are yours because the Kingdom is His"

"By teaching the power of the Kingdom of God Himself, He teaches you that ALL POWER IS YOURS."

"All power is given...

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1890. Being one with God

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2022 418 words 1 mins 51 secs1 comments

"God and the Souls He created ARE symbiotically related. They are COMPLETELY dependent on each other."

I'm realizing that dependence on God is what this path is really leading to. As the course says, God is the mind with which...

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1889. The solitude of the separate self

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 868 words 3 mins 51 secs1 comments

We speak of the separation from God. But the separation is also a separation from the sonship, which means a separation not only from others, but also from the part of you which is shared with them.

Before the...

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1888. Unworthiness is a breakdown in cause and effect

Saturday, May 28, 2022 1079 words 4 mins 47 secs

If you are feeling unworthy or unwanted, know this.

In spacetime, cause and effect seem to occur whereby you cause something temporarily, it produces something temporary, and then the cause is withdrawn. As if it has deposited a creation...

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1887. Your self is shared with other people

Thursday, May 26, 2022 2080 words 9 mins 14 secs

Your whole life, since you found yourself in a body, you've believed that your self is SEPARATE from other people. That you are isolated and alone INSIDE your body, and no-one else is in there with you.

You have...

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1886. You can only see your own sins in other people

Thursday, May 26, 2022 1894 words 8 mins 25 secs

It may sound simple enough to say "you but accuse your brother of your own sins." But if you think on this deeply, you'll realize how strange this is. It holds up even when you are angry at someone,...

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1885. Everything in the world is trying to tempt you

Thursday, May 26, 2022 1213 words 5 mins 23 secs

Take a look at this one statement.

"Nothing the body's eyes seem to see can be anything but a form of temptation, since this was the purpose of the body itself."

"You made the body in attempting to deceive...

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1884. The temptation of the world

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 1352 words 6 mins 0 secs

"Nothing the body's eyes seem to see can be anything but a form of temptation, since this was the purpose of the body itself."

What are you being tempted to do? You're being tempted to identify yourself with the...

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