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18. You can only love the world when you see it with loving eyes

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023 1776 words 7 mins 53 secs

If you see the world through your filter of darkness, you'll see a darkened world. The world will appear to be unlovable because you do not see love in it. You see darkness in it, and no-one can love...

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17. Forgive the world, huh what now?

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023 2275 words 10 mins 6 secs

Do I even know what the heck the world even is and how to look at it and forgive it?

"The world is horribly cruel."

What kind of a statement is this? What's happening in the mind? Is the...

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16. There are only two worlds - the real world is actually heaven

Monday, Jan 16, 2023 2470 words 10 mins 58 secs

"It is impossible to see two worlds which have no overlap of any kind. Seek for the one; the other disappears. But one remains. They are the range of choice beyond which your decision cannot go. The real and...

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15. The journey through false and true perception

Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 2036 words 9 mins 2 secs1 comments

Before the separation, there was only the truth of God. God's Kingdom was the only reality. Everything in it was directly known and cognized. There was no interpretation, no judgement, no evaluation, and no decisions about what things mean....

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14. You must value the kingdom in order to see it

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022 1592 words 7 mins 4 secs

In Lesson 128 Jesus clearly outlines that this world has nothing that you want.

"The world you see has nothing that you need to offer you; nothing that you can use in any way, nor anything at all that...

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13. Resurrect out of the sinful past into the sinless present

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022 1827 words 8 mins 7 secs

A major theme in ACIM is that you are supposed to come out of the PAST into the PRESENT. Basically it's saying that in the separation from God, we made time, by inventing a sense of the past being...

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12. The body senses an unreal world

Sunday, Dec 05, 2021 2953 words 13 mins 7 secs

The body does not really do a whole lot. It is an instrument. It cannot really live without you as a host. It doesn't really have a mind of its own, or a will, or power, or causality. It...

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11. The real world is between heaven and earth

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021 977 words 4 mins 20 secs

The real world is not this world. It is not planet Earth. Nor is it in fact the same thing as the forgiven world.

The real world is a "borderland of thought" which is IN BETWEEN this world and...

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10. The perception of heaven as the real world

Saturday, Jun 05, 2021 1407 words 6 mins 15 secs

"Do not perceive ANYTHING God did not create, or you ARE denying Him."So you can PERCEIVE something God CREATED, which is in heaven?

"ALL His Thoughts are thus perfectly united within themselves and with each other because they were created neither...

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9. What is the real world?

Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 3481 words 15 mins 28 secs

I took a deep dive into every single statement about "the real world", to find out all possible implication of what it IS and IS NOT referring to.

It is clear to me that what Jesus calls "the real world" IS...

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8. The real world absolutely IS Heaven!

Sunday, Feb 03, 2019 315 words 1 mins 24 secs

"Sit quietly and look upon the world you see, and tell yourself, "The real world is not like this. It has no buildings, and there are no streets where people walk alone and separately. There are no stores where people...

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7. What is the real world? The forgiven world? Heaven?

Friday, Dec 21, 2018 4763 words 21 mins 10 secs

In ACIM we're told about "the real world" and many people have different ideas about what that's referring to. Here's my take on it. It took me quite a long time to realize this.

Contrary to popular belief, the real world...

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6. The real world is not heaven, it's still a dream

Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018 1061 words 4 mins 42 secs

Here's some quotes explaining why what ACIM terms as "the real world" IS NOT Heaven - they are two entirely difference "places" or experiences. The real world is firmly rooted in perception, Heaven is beyond perception, beyond Earth, beyond this...

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5. What is the real world? A perception of heaven from outside of it

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 2663 words 11 mins 50 secs

I'm trying to clarify what the real world is or it not. I'm just going to waffle on about it here as I look at each quote.

"The real world is a symbol, like the rest of what perception offers. Yet...

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4. The real world is not real, it is still a dream

Monday, Nov 20, 2017 2396 words 10 mins 38 secs

"The real world still is but a dream." - section 7 of Chapter 29, section 4 of ACIM.

The real world is what it means to still be IN the world, perceiving with Holy Spirit, recognizing the presence of the *reflection*...

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3. The real world is still but a dream, an accurate perception of an illusory world

Sunday, Oct 01, 2017 1021 words 4 mins 32 secs

"The real world still is but a dream." - section 7 of Chapter 29, section 4 of ACIM.

In the Course, sometimes Jesus uses some terms which SEEM to imply something He did not mean to imply. When he referred to...

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2. The real world is just a recognition the world is an illusion, not reality

Sunday, Oct 01, 2017 785 words 3 mins 29 secs

The tiny mad idea, a thought of separation, produced a "dream".

The dream is comprised of illusions. Thoughts of separation must always be illusory because reality is not separate. A thought of separation is also a thought of death (opposite to...

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1. The real world can't hurt you

Saturday, Jan 07, 2017 532 words 2 mins 21 secs

The real world is a symbol, like the rest of what perception offers. Yet it stands for what is opposite to what you made. Your world is seen through eyes of fear, and brings the witnesses of terror to your...

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