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340. Everything in the world will end, so let it go

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024 1133 words 5 mins 2 secs2 comments

Everything in the physical world is temporary. It comes, it lingers a while, and then it goes. This applies to absolutely everything. Bodies, worlds, animals, foods, cars, birds, insects, bicycles, trees, you name it. It seems to begin, it...

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339. The journey of the soul

Saturday, Jan 20, 2024 1195 words 5 mins 18 secs3 comments

Very often, Jesus would say to me, "it's fine". And I would be like, "how is this fine?" I would be upset about something, there'd be some physical medical issue to deal with, some seeming tragic loss, something going wrong....

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338. Forgiveness 101

Wednesday, Jan 03, 2024 447 words 1 mins 59 secs

1) God created heaven which is perfect. You are in heaven as an immortal being, along with your brothers.

2) You believe you're not in heaven, and made a second world with the idea of opposing everything.

3) The second...

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337. Awakening from the entire dream

Friday, Dec 22, 2023 1082 words 4 mins 48 secs

"What difference does the content of a dream make in reality? One either sleeps or wakens. There is nothing in between."

I thought it was interesting in lesson 140 - only salvation can be said to cure - talking...

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336. You’re just having a nightmare

Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 510 words 2 mins 15 secs

As an immortal being, you should be accustomed to everything always being perfect. You live forever, everyone you know lives forever. There’s no sickness or suffering of any kind. No death, no destruction. Nothing ever goes wrong, no problems,...

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335. The inability to control the world

Monday, Nov 20, 2023 856 words 3 mins 48 secs

The world we made - Earth etc - seems like a world we cannot control. When you look at it, almost no-one has any ability to DIRECTLY move objects with their mind. To change one thing into another. The...

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334. Heaven is for real, spacetime is an illusion

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 595 words 2 mins 38 secs2 comments

If you're open-minded to the idea that heaven is a place you can go, which is not the Earth, the retelling of a profound near death experiences will be clarifying and validating for you.

After leaving the body, we travel to...

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333. Parallels between opposite approaches to ACIM

Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 849 words 3 mins 46 secs

In the two opposing views of ACIM - one that God created this world, and one that he didn't, there are some parallels.

Both views recognize that the ego is a problem and seeks to undo it. Both views recognize...

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332. The faulty belief that God created this world

Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 1941 words 8 mins 37 secs1 comments

There is a view of what ACIM says, based around the idea that this universe is all there is.

It's a view that God created this universe, and thus created all the galaxies and planets, all bodies and objects...

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331. What is hell and how does earth reflect hell?

Thursday, Nov 09, 2023 1669 words 7 mins 25 secs

Let's start with a simple fact, "an opposite to God does not exist." God is everything, and the opposite of everything is nothing. Nothingness DOES NOT exist. You cannot go there, experience it, live in it, or have it....

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330. Perception does not prove the world is real

Saturday, Nov 04, 2023 1431 words 6 mins 21 secs

False perception means you are looking at something in such a way that you do not recognize what it is.

If the thing you're looking at is false, your mind will think it's true.

If the thing you're looking...

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329. Making sense of quotes about "the world"

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023 3628 words 16 mins 7 secs1 comments

In A Course in Miracles, there are many things said using the term "world." Much of this is confusing as to WHICH world it is referring. In helping to sort this out, let's identify the possible worlds. WORLD #1: God...

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328. A Course in Miracels shouldn't be that hard to grasp

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023 2370 words 10 mins 31 secs

For me I want a course that can be learned, is accessible, easy enough to understand, and can be applied without too much hassle. I think A Course in Miracles does this, and that Jesus is an excellent teacher. I...

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327. The world is nothing - there is no world

Monday, Oct 30, 2023 1975 words 8 mins 46 secs

The world of separation, of space time, including planet Earth and all bodies, all forms and objects, is NOTHING AT ALL.

This is the simple teaching of A Course in Miracles. There is no body, there is no world. It...

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326. The reflection of heaven on earth is not heaven itself

Saturday, Oct 28, 2023 2181 words 9 mins 41 secs

In ACIM, we're told that we made a world, which is really spacetime, and a part of this spacetime is planet Earth. This didn't exist before the separation from God, and DEPENDS on the continuation of separation in order to...

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325. Heaven and Earth - A circle within a circle

Friday, Oct 27, 2023 799 words 3 mins 33 secs

"The body is a tiny fence around a little part of a glorious and completely limitless idea. It draws a circle, infinitely small, around a very little segment of Heaven, splintered from the whole,...

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324. The world is a dead end because it is not a creator

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 1642 words 7 mins 17 secs

There is a law of God, in that God must give all of himself to create something. And what he creates must therefore inherit everything from God. Nothing can be left out. A son of God inherits EVERYTHING. And...

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323. Does God create machine guns in heaven?

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023 1193 words 5 mins 18 secs

There is a fairly simple question that can be asked to determine if planet Earth is real, exists, or is God's creation.

There are machine guns in this world. Machine guns full of bullets. The bullets are projectiles which...

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322. What would God be like if this world were real?

Monday, Oct 16, 2023 712 words 3 mins 9 secs

A very useful tool is to ask yourself the question, "what would God have to be like if he created this?"

An important thing to realize is that whatever God creates, is a part of himself. Whatever he wills,...

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321. The appearance and illusion of physical form

Friday, Oct 13, 2023 1604 words 7 mins 7 secs

An "appearance" is another term for something physical. It's what you see when you take the physical form at face value. You look at what it appears to be on the surface, on the face of it, without any...

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