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83. Your attack against reality

Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023 824 words 3 mins 39 secs

"Your sleeping and waking dreams have different forms, and that is all. THEIR CONTENT IS THE SAME. They are your protest AGAINST reality, and your fixed and insane wish to CHANGE it."

We are in a state of denial...

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82. Making dangers real requires forgiveness

Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 797 words 3 mins 32 secs

Have you done this? I know I have done it many times: "Who but yourself evaluates a threat, decides escape is necessary, and sets up a series of defenses to reduce the threat that has been judged as real?"


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81. Perception does not prove the world is real

Saturday, Nov 04, 2023 1431 words 6 mins 21 secs

False perception means you are looking at something in such a way that you do not recognize what it is.

If the thing you're looking at is false, your mind will think it's true.

If the thing you're looking...

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80. What would God be like if this world were real?

Monday, Oct 16, 2023 712 words 3 mins 9 secs

A very useful tool is to ask yourself the question, "what would God have to be like if he created this?"

An important thing to realize is that whatever God creates, is a part of himself. Whatever he wills,...

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79. Recognizing the body's nothingness makes it disappear

Saturday, Sep 02, 2023 1299 words 5 mins 46 secs

"God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. The body is the symbol of WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist."


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78. Your mind has the power to change the world

Thursday, Aug 10, 2023 1462 words 6 mins 29 secs

"Lesson 253 "My Self is ruler of the universe. ... It is impossible that anything should come to me unbidden by myself. Even in this world, it is I who rule my destiny. ******What happens is what I desire.*****...

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77. God did not create airplanes or the earth

Saturday, Jun 03, 2023 786 words 3 mins 29 secs

Lesson 14 simply says that God did not create physical things because they are not real. For example.

"God did not create that war, and so it is not real."

"God did not create that airplane crash, and so it...

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76. The separation from reality has made us insane

Saturday, May 13, 2023 2250 words 10 mins 0 secs2 comments

What A Course in Miracles calls "the separation", was a rejection of reality. We denied what was real and blocked our awareness of it. We lost touch with reality and forgot what it was like.

"The separation is merely a...

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75. The importance of comparing and contrasting

Friday, Apr 14, 2023 2106 words 9 mins 21 secs

"You, then, have two conflicting evaluations of yourself in your minds, and they CANNOT BOTH BE TRUE. You do not yet realize how COMPLETELY different these evaluations are, because you do not understand how lofty the Holy Spirit's perception...

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74. Heaven is a real place beyond the earth

Thursday, Apr 06, 2023 2173 words 9 mins 39 secs

In ACIM Jesus makes many clear references to a distinction between heaven and earth. He particularly uses the term "in heaven" as an opposite to "on earth". This clearly implies to most readers that heaven is some kind of...

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73. The faulty idea that the world is secretly oneness

Saturday, Apr 01, 2023 874 words 3 mins 53 secs1 comments

There is an interpretation of ACIM that I run into quite often, which has nothing to do with it.

In the world in general, many people have the idea that "the world" is duality. And then at some point...

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72. Reality in ACIM is not non-dualistic, it is holographic

Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 3997 words 17 mins 45 secs

There is a statement in A Course in Miracles which describes how God thinks. This is a very important statement because it gives us a strong idea of the workings of God's mind. And let's not forget that GOD...

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71. Can you change or be changed if you are immortal?

Monday, Mar 27, 2023 1440 words 6 mins 24 secs1 comments

"This in no way contradicts the changelessness of mind as GOD created it. But YOU think that you HAVE changed it, as long as you learn through the ego. This DOES place you in a position of needing to...

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70. The many things in the world are not different

Tuesday, Mar 07, 2023 2047 words 9 mins 5 secs

One of the major teachings of A Course in Miracles, also present in Buddhism and Hinduism and many other belief systems, even present in the very first lessons of the Workbook, is that the physical world is a world...

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69. The body must be recognized as nothing

Monday, Feb 13, 2023 787 words 3 mins 29 secs

"The body is the symbol of WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist."

The body is nothing. It's not something. It's not this or that or these states or conditions....

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68. Space and time do not exist

Friday, Dec 09, 2022 633 words 2 mins 48 secs

Time and eternity are opposites. The eternal is always existing, always is here and now, and is forever. There is no beginning or end. There is never a possibility of change, or of what has always existed ceasing to exist....

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67. Nightmares vs Happy Dreams

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2022 1237 words 5 mins 29 secs

Nightmares and happy dreams have one thing in common, they are both dreams. It cannot be the fact that it is a dream that determines whether it is happy or not. It also can't really be a matter of...

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66. The one cause of all your suffering

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2022 615 words 2 mins 44 secs

When you look back upon your life and remember all the bad shit that happened, the things that made you suffer, the stressing out and the fearful horror, the intense drama, the pain and misery, all the times that...

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65. The unreality of the world

Sunday, Nov 06, 2022 2507 words 11 mins 8 secs

A collection of ACIM quotes focusing on the UNREALITY of the world. It is vital, and our only task, to correctly identify the world AS unreal, to take away from it all sense of reality and assign it to...

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64. Lift reality away from the world

Sunday, Nov 06, 2022 493 words 2 mins 11 secs

In attempting to forgive the hell in the world, we might really be trying to make it real and then make it go away. This is an attack. The problem is that we have combined what the world IS...

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