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55. Only immortal things are a part of God

Tuesday, Jul 04, 2023 1097 words 4 mins 52 secs

"You are immortal BECAUSE you are eternal"

You are immortal. Generally that means you live forever without any kind of end, you can never be changed, and you are permanently the same all the time.

You'll then find that...

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54. You are not a victim, stop pretending to be

Sunday, Apr 30, 2023 776 words 3 mins 26 secs

If you are immortal, nothing can victimize you.

In order to see yourself as victimized, you have to pretend to be mortal.

To be mortal, you have to attack your own immortality.

Having attacked your immortality you will perceive...

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53. There is no death, there is only eternal life

Saturday, Apr 29, 2023 696 words 3 mins 5 secs

There is no death, there is only immortal eternal life which lives forever through perfect unlimited extension. It is impossible to ever die or to cause death. Only life exists, and death is nothing.

All forms of sickness, unhappiness...

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52. Choosing resurrection over death

Saturday, Apr 22, 2023 1479 words 6 mins 34 secs1 comments

I've been through a lot of crap in which I've had to deal with medical issues for my wife. She's been close to death's door a couple of times. I had to literally decide whether to continue her life or...

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51. Beyond the secret of salvation

Thursday, Apr 20, 2023 725 words 3 mins 13 secs

When I used to consider "the secret of salvation", which is the idea that you are "doing it to yourself", I could recognize the need for total responsibility. I saw that anything which I thought someone was doing to...

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50. You are immortal, so stop trying to die!

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2023 2759 words 12 mins 15 secs

"You are not sick, and you cannot die. But you CAN confuse your self with things that do."

"You play the game of death, of being helpless, pitifully tied to dissolution in a world which shows no mercy to...

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49. Have gratitude to God for giving you eternal life

Friday, Apr 07, 2023 1340 words 5 mins 57 secs

"I am forever an effect of God."

While it is wonderful to reflect on your truly divine attributes, such as your immortality, invulnerability, permanence and unchangeability, we should also recognize that the ONLY reason you have these attributes is...

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48. Your changelessness is your peace

Tuesday, Apr 04, 2023 1354 words 6 mins 1 secs

"I am as God created me.

I will remain forever as I was

Created by the Changeless like Himself.

And I am one with Him, and He with me."

The truth is that you are incapable of change. You...

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47. The secret of salvation stems from your immortality

Monday, Mar 27, 2023 1413 words 6 mins 16 secs1 comments

The "secret of salvation" is simply the recognition that, if you are suffering in any way, you must have done it to yourself. No-one else could have done it to you, because you are immortal and invulnerable.

Paired with...

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46. The goal is to know thyself as immortal

Monday, Mar 27, 2023 1183 words 5 mins 15 secs1 comments

"The goal of the curriculum, regardless of the teacher you choose, is KNOW THYSELF. There is nothing else to learn. Everyone is looking for himself and the power and glory he thinks he has lost."

"The Bible instructs you...

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45. Can you change or be changed if you are immortal?

Monday, Mar 27, 2023 1440 words 6 mins 24 secs1 comments

"This in no way contradicts the changelessness of mind as GOD created it. But YOU think that you HAVE changed it, as long as you learn through the ego. This DOES place you in a position of needing to...

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44. Show him you had no hurt of him

Saturday, Mar 25, 2023 932 words 4 mins 8 secs

"Brother, ****there is no death. And this you learn when**** you but wish to ****show your brother that you had no hurt of him****. He thinks your blood is on his hands, and so he stands condemned. But it...

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43. Life or death, it's your choice

Friday, Mar 17, 2023 1523 words 6 mins 46 secs

"What COULD you choose between, but life or death, waking or sleeping, war or peace, your dream or your reality?"

There is only one choice in the world. Not a million choices. Not a million scenarios. Not a million...

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42. The goal of life

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023 1184 words 5 mins 15 secs

"But to the Holy Spirit, the goal is life, which HAS no end."

The Holy Spirit's goal is eternal life and immortality. That means everything he is doing is working towards the complete resurrection of the entire sonship back to...

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41. Forgiveness is symbolic of your immortality

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 1098 words 4 mins 52 secs

In this world, "forgiveness is an earthly form of love". What that means is that REAL love is of Heaven, and on earth the best we can do is a REFLECTION of love projected into the mirror of the...

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40. You must demonstrate your immortality physically

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022 2012 words 8 mins 56 secs

To prove that your mind is restored to sanity and to its truly immortal nature, you must also be willing to prove physically that you are invulnerable. This demonstration of invulnerability requires great confidence, in that even when others attempt...

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39. I am only the immortal spirit God created me as

Thursday, Sep 23, 2021 991 words 4 mins 24 secs

When you are in this world, it seems that who and what you are, is of this world. That you are a body.

When you are in heaven, who and what you are, is of heaven. You are spirit/mind without a...

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38. The return to your immortal nature

Sunday, Sep 19, 2021 583 words 2 mins 35 secs

For many years I’ve had this strange knowing in the background, that the course is about immortality. But in our society, immortality is laughed upon as something utterly impossible and ridiculous.

I did not see hardly anyone else speaking of the...

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37. Invulnerability, safety and protection

Thursday, Jul 29, 2021 1439 words 6 mins 23 secs

Mind in its natural state, experiences a sense of safety. This safety is based on the fact that the mind doesn't see itself as at the effect of anything external. It does not believe in being caused against its will....

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36. Are you pretending to be mortal again?

Saturday, Jun 26, 2021 656 words 2 mins 54 secs

You are an immortal being but you keep trying to prove you're not.

In sickness we attempt to prove we can be hurt.

In fear we attempt to prove we can have reason to be concerned.

In suffering we attempt to prove something...

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