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12. Collective consciousness - the shared resurrection of Jesus

Sunday, Jan 16, 2022 1261 words 5 mins 36 secs

"Every mind contains all minds, for every mind is one. Such is the truth."

In A Course in Miracles, we are taught in many ways that we are all one. By this we mean, that God created an entire family,...

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11. The two paths - death and resurrection

Sunday, Nov 14, 2021 1278 words 5 mins 40 secs

In this world, all things lead to death. It's as though a missile has been fired, flying through the sky, and hurtling toward the ground. There is a sense of inevitability of decay, that everything will just gradually erode...

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10. Overcoming death through vertical resurrection

Friday, May 28, 2021 1884 words 8 mins 22 secs

In this world, it SEEMS that death is linear, ie horizontal. You make a passage through time, the body gradually malfunctions, and eventually it dies. This seems to mean that death is the final result of life, at the end...

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9. Physical sin and the proof of resurrection

Wednesday, Apr 28, 2021 2111 words 9 mins 22 secs

In this world, sin is an EVENT. In fact, it is anything that seems to HAPPEN. Any physical change, any transformation of materials, any movement, any action, anything bodies of any kind do, any chemical interactions of particles, it is...

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8. The absence of something is not the presence of something else - life resurrects the dead

Friday, Nov 27, 2020 1118 words 4 mins 58 secs

There is no evil, only the seeming absence of the good.

There is no sin, only the seeming absence of love.

There is no death, only the seeming absence of life.

There is no darkness, only the seeming absence of light.

To take something...

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7. Turning the other cheek and demonstrating resurrection

Sunday, Apr 05, 2020 1003 words 4 mins 27 secs

Jesus is telling us in ACIM to do the same thing he did in his resurrection. That is, if someone comes along and kills your body, YOU RESURRECT IT.

This means, no matter what anyone does, no matter how hurt or...

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6. The physical atonement and resurrection of the body

Sunday, Apr 05, 2020 1067 words 4 mins 44 secs

"Only the mind AND body need atonement."

So long as the effects of sin remain, there is evidence which proves and teaches that your brother DID COMMIT A SIN, and therefore is NOT exonerated. Only by healing your body and removing...

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5. ACIM teaches you are immortal and resurrection returns you to eternal life

Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019 1222 words 5 mins 25 secs

A Course in Miracles is a teaching us to leave a dream of mortality, and return to a state of immortality. Everything in the course points to this. You are not merely substituting one limited illusion for another. You are...

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4. The powerful demonstration of Jesus' resurrection

Thursday, Dec 06, 2018 849 words 3 mins 46 secs

"We said before that the purpose of the Resurrection was to "demonstrate that no amount of misperception has any influence at all on a Son of God." This ***demonstration*** ***EXONERATES*** those who misperceive, BY ESTABLISHING BEYOND DOUBT that they have...

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3. Clarifying true and false produces miracles and resurrection

Thursday, Aug 09, 2018 501 words 2 mins 13 secs

Affirming what is NOT true, and what IS true, can induce miracles.

With regards to sickness for example, you must "cancel" every single perception or belief that suggests the sickness even EXISTS, or any other surrounding beliefs based on that.

e.g. "there...

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2. We're already dead, but we can return to life

Monday, Nov 20, 2017 519 words 2 mins 18 secs

Unless we are in heaven with God right now, and only that, and have relinquished all of the ego and its world, we are in a state of DEATH right now. Fictional death yes, but still death.

This is why we...

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1. There is a way out of hell

Sunday, Sep 11, 2016 608 words 2 mins 42 secs

There are a set of steps by which your own sin comes to find itself inside of your brother.

1) Believe you are sinful (oops, are you sure?)

2) Grab ahold of that sin

3) Hand it over to your brother and shove...

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