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126. The goal of life

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023 1184 words 5 mins 15 secs

"But to the Holy Spirit, the goal is life, which HAS no end."

The Holy Spirit's goal is eternal life and immortality. That means everything he is doing is working towards the complete resurrection of the entire sonship back to...

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125. The two categories

Tuesday, Mar 07, 2023 760 words 3 mins 22 secs

After a while you realize that many things are really the same thing. And there are really only two categories of things. There's what's real, and what isn't. Love/life and its opposite - a seeming lack of love/life.


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124. The Holy Spirit is the idea of healing

Wednesday, Mar 01, 2023 487 words 2 mins 9 secs

"The Holy Spirit is the IDEA of healing."

"Healing does not come DIRECTLY from God, who knows His Creations as perfectly whole."

"But healing is nevertheless OF God, because it proceeds from His Voice and from His laws."


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123. Your thoughts influence people

Wednesday, Mar 01, 2023 477 words 2 mins 7 secs

I had a dream last night where I seemed to be teaching someone about using the mind to heal.

This woman and her husband were in a hospital where their daughter was in the bed. She had some problem...

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122. Forgiving random strangers

Friday, Feb 24, 2023 909 words 4 mins 2 secs1 comments

You might think that, you only need to perform a forgiveness when something seems upsetting, something goes wrong, someone is attacking, or there's a problem.

In particular the ego in us might seem "partly committed" to forgiveness, willing to...

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121. Forgiveness is a service

Friday, Feb 24, 2023 765 words 3 mins 24 secs

Let's redefine forgiveness, to be less about me fixing up what I'm projecting or trying to fix my own suffering, and more to do with whether I am GIVING love or not. Let's think of it not JUST as...

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120. Resurrection training

Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 748 words 3 mins 19 secs

I see now that giving love is giving life. It uplifts and heals, restores and purifies. It's almost like putting someone up on a pedestal, not to worship them but to acknowledge their perfection and lovability as one of...

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119. There is no order of difficulty in miracles

Sunday, Feb 19, 2023 1670 words 7 mins 25 secs

“The first thing to remember about miracles is that there is no order of difficulty among them. One is not harder or bigger than another. They are all the same.”

Jesus says all miracles are the same. There is...

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118. The unwillingness to give miracles

Friday, Oct 14, 2022 1615 words 7 mins 10 secs

Miracle principle 11 says "A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service that one soul can render another. It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself. The doer recognizes his own and his neighbor's inestimable...

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117. The holy spirit can heal anything through you

Thursday, May 19, 2022 2929 words 13 mins 1 secs

"The Holy Spirit is the IDEA of healing. Being thought, the idea GAINS AS IT IS SHARED."

As we allow ourselves to be healed, we become healed, and in turn become healers. We are able to give the miracles...

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116. Giving is receiving - heal to be healed

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 2873 words 12 mins 46 secs

"To perceive the healing of your brother as the healing of yourself, is thus the way to remember God."

"To HAVE, GIVE all TO all."

This is hard for an ego-identified person to understand. It sounds backwards. It's saying...

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115. Purification is necessary first

Saturday, Apr 30, 2022 1426 words 6 mins 20 secs

ACIM: "Miracle Principle 7

Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first."

DICITIONARY: "the process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean."

What is purification? It is the process of removing "impurities", so that you end up with...

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114. 10 Steps to hell and back

Thursday, Apr 21, 2022 266 words 1 mins 10 secs

1. We had the idea we could be separate from God.

2. We invested the idea with belief, even though it was impossible. We believed in a total opposite to God.

3. This mad idea was projected outward and formed...

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113. Healing is simple

Saturday, Mar 26, 2022 1347 words 5 mins 59 secs

"It is your function to ***recognize for him that what he believes about himself is not the truth***. It is your forgiveness that must show him this. Healing is very simple." "***When a brother behaves insanely, you can heal...

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112. The necessary bridge for healing miracles

Friday, Jun 04, 2021 1545 words 6 mins 51 secs

To be a healer of another person's mind, you have to begin by forming a connection to that person. Somehow your mind has to be in a state where it has ACCESS to the other mind.

The only way to gain...

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111. The transmission of healing power

Thursday, Jun 03, 2021 1301 words 5 mins 46 secs

To transmit large amounts of love to someone, supplies a lack and heals them. All suffering is simply the illusion of a lack of love, ie belief in sin and fear.

But the ego will believe that this undertaking of exprsesion...

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110. Jesus's role in miraculous healing

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 640 words 2 mins 50 secs

In the manual for teachers, there's a section called "Does Jesus have a Special Place in Healing". In this section, it actually talks about how Jesus CAN BE involved in healing. ie miracle working. Which ties in nicely with Jesus...

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109. Taking responsibility for healing

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2021 2221 words 9 mins 52 secs

When ACIM talks about the secret of salvation, it goes on to talk about how there is a singular lesson the Holy Spirit teaches, transcendent of all forms of suffering:

"The Holy Spirit will repeat this ONE inclusive lesson of deliverance,...

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108. Becoming an instrument for healing

Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021 996 words 4 mins 25 secs

As you work to forgive yourself and recognize your own innocence, you become more loving. But you're going to find that this cannot happen in isolation.

As you increase your light, and no longer believe sinfulness or guilt within yourself, you're...

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107. Healing others though forgiveness

Sunday, Apr 18, 2021 453 words 2 mins 0 secs

"It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive."

To me this has always meant that once you have accepted forgiveness for yourself, you now have the POWER to CAUSE others to be forgiven also, healing them and setting them free....

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