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44. Ego wants to be separate and autonomous

Friday, May 12, 2023 609 words 2 mins 42 secs

Ego is the idea of being a completely separated off, isolated, alone, totally self-reliant, exclusive special unique self, which has no relationships with anyone and relies on no-one. Completely autonomous as though it is totally cut off from everything.


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43. Anger and fear are attempts to separate

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 1466 words 6 mins 30 secs

When you are angry, you are using projection to try to make someone guilty. It's really an attempt to take some guilt or pain or upset from inside of you and push it out onto the world.

"ALL anger...

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42. The cure for all sickness

Thursday, Apr 13, 2023 1257 words 5 mins 35 secs

"Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness."

"The body can be healed as an effect of true forgiveness. Only that can give remembrance of immortality, which is the gift of holiness and love."

Sounds like we need to...

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41. Forgive your images of guilty people

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023 794 words 3 mins 31 secs

When you feel angry at someone and believe they are guilty, you will also feel afraid of them. And you will find that behind this fear, YOU feel guilty for some reason. You feel guilty because you have attacked...

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40. Undo your guilt to undo the ego

Thursday, Nov 24, 2022 776 words 3 mins 26 secs

You are either innocent or guilty. These are the only options. If sin is real, you are guilty, and guilt is real. If sin is not real, you are innocent, and guilt is not real. You can also say...

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39. You may be cursing others with your guilt

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022 633 words 2 mins 48 secs

In ACIM there is a lot of talk about imprisoning someone, and also about setting them free. Jesus actually says that you can either a) amplify the sickness of another by reinforcing beliefs they already have, or b) weaken...

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38. Escape from guilt and reclaim your innocence!

Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 629 words 2 mins 47 secs

Resurrecetion and salvation is all about finding freedom from GUILT. Which means reclaiming your INNOCENCE. Guilt is the subtrate of the ego, of all sickness, all forms of suffering, the world, and even death. Without guilt there is no...

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37. You hurt your mind when you project guilt

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022 2387 words 10 mins 36 secs

The problem in your mind is that you have condemned yourself to be a sinner. You've accused and attacked yourself, claiming you are guilty. You cannot tolerate this guilt, so you want to make it go away, but your belief...

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36. You are just mistaken, not guilty

Thursday, Nov 10, 2022 1924 words 8 mins 33 secs

"ANY mistake can be corrected, if TRUTH be left to judge it. But, if the mistake is given the STATUS of truth, to what CAN it be brought? The "holiness" of sin is kept in place by just this...

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35. The ego and the world are not really guilty

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2022 797 words 3 mins 32 secs

We think of the world as the opposite to heaven, made to be its opposite as an attack on God. But something else also happened in the separation. We switched around what is true and what is false. By...

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34. True healing is the undoing of guilt

Friday, Nov 13, 2020 1024 words 4 mins 33 secs

All sickness is just a form of GUILT. And removing this guilt makes sickness IMPOSSIBLE.

Guilt induces sickness because it demands punishment. It is an agreement to suffer. It is the result of NOT forgiving sin, thus believing sin is real....

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33. Innocence vs Guilt and the Golden Rule

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020 710 words 3 mins 9 secs

"When you forgive the world YOUR guilt, YOU will be free of it. Its innocence does NOT demand your guilt, nor does your guiltlessness rest on ITS sins. This is the obvious, a secret kept from no-one but yourself. And...

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32. The hidden guilt behind anger

Thursday, Aug 06, 2020 1304 words 5 mins 47 secs

I've been noticing lately, in myself, and also in other people, that guilt may not always look like guilt.

I am familiar with guilt in the sense that, let's say, I steal someone's property and then see them struggling without it,...

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31. Free will means there is no grounds for guilt

Saturday, Aug 01, 2020 1029 words 4 mins 34 secs

I was doing something and inquired of Holy Spirit, "Is it okay that I'm doing this?". The response was, "You're free."

This is always the response I get when questioning what I'm doing. Regardless of what I'm doing. Regardless of what...

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30. Anger is an attempt to make someone guilty

Sunday, May 24, 2020 750 words 3 mins 20 secs

"Anger takes many forms, but it cannot long deceive those who will learn that love brings no guilt at all, and what brings guilt cannot be love and must be anger. All anger is nothing more than an attempt to...

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29. There is no sin, guilt, fear, sickness or death

Monday, Feb 24, 2020 258 words 1 mins 8 secs

"There is no sin. Creation is unchanged."

"There IS no guilt in you, for God is blessed in His Son, as the Son is blessed in Him."

"There is no fear in perfect love."

"In the real world, there is no sickness, for...

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28. You're not guilty!

Sunday, May 26, 2019 788 words 3 mins 30 secs

"But you will not realize this, until you accept the eternal fact that God's Son is NOT GUILTY. He DESERVES only love, because he has GIVEN only love."

"Love, Which created me, is what I am."

"Having offered love, only love can...

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27. Guilt and shame and blame are not love or atonement

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018 739 words 3 mins 17 secs

When you do something "wrong", if you go into guilt, you're trying to atone for your sin by demonstrating remorse and so on, but this is not love. Nor does it make up for it, nor does it undo it....

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26. You cannot sin or be guilty. These are lies!

Monday, Feb 26, 2018 1816 words 8 mins 4 secs

I've been finding an increasing awareness that there are some things we invented which are not God's way.

Sin. Guilt. Fear. Sickness. Suffering. Death.

Mentally I tend to arrange these things into levels, vertically. God is at the top (symbolically in the...

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25. Guilt is a lie

Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 1112 words 4 mins 56 secs

So there I was, doing something which I was feeling guilty about. But I didn't realize I was feeling guilty. Instead, I noticed I started having fearful thoughts. Except, I didn't realize they were fearful thoughts. But by that point,...

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