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28. The secret of salvation stems from your immortality

Monday, Mar 27, 2023 1413 words 6 mins 16 secs

The "secret of salvation" is simply the recognition that, if you are suffering in any way, you must have done it to yourself. No-one else could have done it to you, because you are immortal and invulnerable.

Paired with...

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27. Can you save the world?

Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022 795 words 3 mins 31 secs

If you want to be happy, and the world is a shit hole, can you be happy? If the world is broken, everything keeps dying, nothing lasts, sooner or later everything goes to hell, and there's an insurmountable amount...

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26. Escape from guilt and reclaim your innocence!

Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 629 words 2 mins 47 secs

Resurrecetion and salvation is all about finding freedom from GUILT. Which means reclaiming your INNOCENCE. Guilt is the subtrate of the ego, of all sickness, all forms of suffering, the world, and even death. Without guilt there is no...

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25. Should we save the world?

Tuesday, Mar 15, 2022 1887 words 8 mins 23 secs

Jesus in ACIM talks quite a lot about saving the world. This obviously can lead to some confusion. Does it mean the world is to be kept? Does it mean we need to save the animals? Is it a...

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24. The bullshit idols of external salvation

Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021 2434 words 10 mins 49 secs1 comments

Catchy title eh.

"God dwells within, and your completion lies in Him. No idol takes His place. Look not to idols. Do not seek outside yourself."

Ok so, this is quite fundamental. Who you are, one with God, is...

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23. It's always you doing all of it to yourself

Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021 1398 words 6 mins 12 secs

ACIM reiterates many times that WE ALONE ARE THE CAUSE of our own suffering. We are not ever at the effect of the world. We are the cause of the world, the dream, and everything we feel and think and...

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22. The way out of hell

Thursday, Jun 10, 2021 2995 words 13 mins 18 secs

Before the separation, you were simply in heaven having a great time. Immortal, invulnerable, happy, loving, full of life.

Then the separation happened and we produced a state exactly opposite to heaven - heaven's logical opposite. A physical world in which...

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21. Salvation from suffering

Saturday, Apr 03, 2021 887 words 3 mins 56 secs

If you dream that an animal is attacking you, you can hardly blame the animal for attacking you. If you believe it is not you that's making the animal attack you, then you might believe the animal itself its attacking...

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20. The simplicity of salvation

Monday, Dec 07, 2020 3168 words 14 mins 4 secs

Salvation is SO simple, that it can seem difficult to grasp, especially when we are so used to being deceived that there are many separate, different, isolated problems. When the form of the problem deceives you, which is believing that...

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19. Your defenses don't save you, they attack you

Saturday, Jul 18, 2020 699 words 3 mins 6 secs

"If I defend myself I am attacked."

"My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability."

"Defense do what they would defend."

"In my defenselessness lies my safety."

It's interesting but, when we try to defend ourselves, under the belief that we are making ourselves more...

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18. The power of choice leads to salvation

Thursday, Jun 11, 2020 1269 words 5 mins 38 secs

In ACIM, there is a central pillar which was not clear to me before. It is an unexpected strategy for acheiving salvation, which is pointed to and reinforced over and over again. And in effect is the ONLY way.

We may...

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17. The fearful compulsion to save

Sunday, Jan 05, 2020 966 words 4 mins 17 secs

When a situation presents itself, on a physical level, with signs and symptoms and effects that you can see and touch, it seems to be real to you. If you do not overlook it, they form evidence and proof that...

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16. The simplicity of salvation

Thursday, Aug 15, 2019 1809 words 8 mins 2 secs

Salvation is EXTREMELY simple.

"You cannot be hurt unless you hurt yourself."

In this one sentence is the whole course. Just stop hurting yourself!

Let's try to make this extremely clear.

You are an immortal being which cannot be affected by anything. Nothing real...

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15. The secret of salvation is based on your free will

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 558 words 2 mins 28 secs

<3 Let's say that you have totally free will, and I also have totally free will. That means that there you are FREE FROM my will. It literally means I CANNOT do anything to you. There you are, fully causal,...

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14. The secret of salvation above all else

Monday, Oct 01, 2018 628 words 2 mins 47 secs

If someone were to whisper in your ear, the one key secret thing which allows you to overcome the world, overcome death, be happy forever, and experience eternal life with God, you'd take that to be a pretty important secret,...

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13. The secret to salvation - A quick refresher

Sunday, Jun 24, 2018 1156 words 5 mins 8 secs

Time for a little refresher of the central CORE teaching in the course. It does not matter what your situation is. It does not matter how far gone your body is. It does not matter your state of mental health....

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12. One problem, one solution

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 777 words 3 mins 27 secs

All of the problems in the world, every sickness, every war, every argument, every lack and death, all separations, all special relationships, are all symptoms of the absence of God and nothing else.

Here's how Jesus puts it:

"A sense of separation...

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11. Good news!

Saturday, Feb 10, 2018 861 words 3 mins 49 secs

Nothing has gone wrong.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You have not sinned.

You are immortal.

You cannot be hurt or suffer or be sick or die.

God created you eternal and holy forever.

You are sustained by the love of God at all times.


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10. Ego wants you to be attacked by external causes, then saved by them

Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018 462 words 2 mins 3 secs

I notice in particular that pretty much anything medical, anything scientific, or anything involving proof in the world, always entails this belief that something external causes something to happen.

It also accompanies the belief that, because the external causes stuff to...

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9. If you are offended or upset by someone else, you agree with them

Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017 842 words 3 mins 44 secs

This will sound absurd to anyone who is actually upset or offended.

If you are completely clear and certain about what the truth is about yourself, it will be unshakeable and undeniable. You will be so aware of this truth that...

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