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86. God loves you very much

Saturday, Mar 11, 2023 1304 words 5 mins 47 secs

This is where my mind went last night. I had no idea God felt so highly of me. Holy Spirit guided my thoughts.

God loves you.

God knows you.

God created you.

God designed you.

God chose you.


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85. Miracles give life through love from God

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 749 words 3 mins 19 secs

All sickness is merely a lack of love. When love is lacking, life is lacking. There is a diminishing of light, of presence, of strength. In the darkness there begins to be limitation, deterioration, fragmentation, weakness and corruption.


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84. Forgiving the appearance of sin

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023 1291 words 5 mins 44 secs

"You will be made whole as you MAKE whole, for to perceive in sickness the appeal for health, is to recognize in hatred the call for love. And to give a brother what he REALLY wants, is to offer...

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83. Behind all grievances there is love

Thursday, May 05, 2022 671 words 2 mins 58 secs

The interesting thing about all blocks to awareness, is that there is always love behind them. The block is there to hide the love. The block also makes it seem like the love is not there. But if you...

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82. To love or not to love God

Monday, Feb 14, 2022 1022 words 4 mins 32 secs

It's very simple.

God is love and we are to have a loving relationship with God.

In love, everything is perfect, holy, immortal, safe and alive.

If you reject God's love, you will introduce hell into your mind. You...

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81. Love solves all problems

Thursday, Feb 10, 2022 1158 words 5 mins 8 secs1 comments

I've been finding lately that turning to love is a problem solving solution. That being in a state of love can in fact solve anything. And this has to mean unconditional love, in terms of it solving any problem...

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80. How can you love a cruel and vicious world?

Saturday, Jan 08, 2022 2545 words 11 mins 18 secs

Fail not in your function of loving in a loveless place, made out of darkness and deceit, for thus are darkness and deception UNdone.

This is something I think we've all struggled with. It seems the world is cruel, vicious,...

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79. Fear affirms love, denial affirms truth, ego affirms God

Friday, Aug 27, 2021 911 words 4 mins 2 secs

"denial DEPENDS on the real belief in what is denied for its OWN existence."

To deny something, implies that you actually believe it EXISTS, but that you do not WANT to acknowledge its existence. This isn't the same as the thing...

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78. Unconditional love and holy relationships

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 2349 words 10 mins 26 secs

Unconditionality, means that something applies the same way to many things. In a sense this is impersonal, in that it does not treat a given person differently from others. At the same time, if the treatment is TOTAL all inclusive...

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77. Love created me like itself

Saturday, Jul 24, 2021 533 words 2 mins 22 secs

I've been finding great benefit from this simple idea, based on lesson 67, "Love created me like itself."

This is based on a very simple and clear-cut metaphysical logic.It goes in these steps:

1) God is the source and cause of what...

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76. What is not love is murder

Monday, Mar 29, 2021 587 words 2 mins 36 secs

This can seem extreme, and perhaps guilt inducing. But Jesus is saying that anything short of TOTAL love, is in some way murderous. Even a slight grievance, even a little annoyance, even a vague judgement. Anything short of complete and...

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75. The seeming absence of love is not something else

Friday, Nov 27, 2020 1332 words 5 mins 55 secs

It's helpful to reframe everything in this world as the ABSENCE of something real, rather than the PRESENCE of something unreal. The world ITSELF is not the PRESENCE of a world, is is only the seeming ABSENCE of heaven.

We are...

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74. Supplying love dispels sickness

Saturday, Nov 07, 2020 1249 words 5 mins 33 secs

There is light, and then there is the absence of light. The absence of light is what we call darkness. But darkness isn't a "something". It a lack of a something.

When light shines and hits an obstacle, it forms a...

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73. The two emotions - fear and love

Thursday, Nov 05, 2020 1706 words 7 mins 34 secs

There are really only two modes of functioning of which you are capable. It really does boil down to a simple "this or that" decision. Either you are in love, or you are in fear. Love has only one nature,...

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72. God caused you and still loves you

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 1143 words 5 mins 4 secs

""I am forever an Effect of God."

"Father, I was created in Your Mind, a holy Thought that never left its home. I am forever Your Effect, and You forever and forever are my Cause. As You created me I have...

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71. Sending love to someone heals you both

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2020 515 words 2 mins 17 secs

It may be the most counter-intuitive, impossible thing you can imagine, but if you are feeling like shit, the best thing you can do is to send love to someone.

That sounds like a tall order, in fact maybe seemingly the...

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70. How do you love a world that is unlovable?

Tuesday, Jul 07, 2020 1365 words 6 mins 3 secs

The world is unlovable, in its form and appearance, being a picture of crucifixion in a dream of death. It was made to be ugly and cruel and unlike the divine holy nature of the Kingdom. But if we do...

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69. Love solves all problems

Tuesday, Jul 07, 2020 530 words 2 mins 21 secs

It may appear there are many problems, all of which are different and seem to call for very specific solutions. The form of each problem tempts you with its appearance, to believe it is unique and unlike anything else, calling...

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68. How to deal with the ego .... love it? detach from it? dis-identify from it? transcend it? change it? heal it?

Tuesday, Mar 03, 2020 1727 words 7 mins 40 secs

Jesus says: "I am the teacher of the ego."

He also says "The ego is the idea of selfishness."

Now, consider this. Your mind is either in a state of sanity or a state of mental illness. When mentally ill, YOUR MIND...

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67. Fear is the opposite of love - all fear must go

Monday, Feb 17, 2020 671 words 2 mins 58 secs

Jesus redefines the meaning of fear. It is not some mere feeling that you have. In fact, He teaches that fear is the opposite of love. Love is essentially equated with the entire Kingdom of God and the nature of...

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