Love created me like itself

Saturday, Jul 24, 2021 533 words 2 mins 22 secs
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I've been finding great benefit from this simple idea, based on lesson 67, "Love created me like itself."

This is based on a very simple and clear-cut metaphysical logic.It goes in these steps:

1) God is the source and cause of what you are.

2) God created you by extending his own nature and sharing it with you.

3) You inherited God's nature so are exactly like God in every way.

4) Since God's nature is permanent you are permanently like God.

5) Therefore you MUST be still exactly like God right now.

6) And therefore, because you are ONLY like God, you CAN ONLY extend that which God gave you.

7) You therefore extend ONLY what you have and are and give only that to others.

This is so extremely rock solid and clear logically, metaphysically, spiritually, and truthfully, that it really provides great focus and clarity as to your TRUE FUNCTION In heaven. The relationship you have with God. The truth of your nature. What you are capable of. And what is NATURAL to you.

When I use this and put it into phrases, it somehow VERY quickly moves me into sanity and a deeper inner awareness of my God-given nature.

So we phrase it like:

Love created me loving. I must still be love. So I can only give love.

This puts up "boundaries" logically, which are very straight and firm, which shut OUT any notion that you can be UNLIKE God, or that you could've STOPPED being in accord with God's nature, or that you can be anything OTHER than like Him. And indeed that you ARE ONLY able to extend further straight ahead according to this true nature. It lines up perfectly with the continuity of creation and extension and is absolutely 100% "in tune" with your soul's identity and expression.

"I am still as God created me."

"The only function of spirit is to extend God's being."

"To have all, give all to all."

Then we can go on to pick out some other qualities of God, which we have inherited, and can then extend only those qualities. So we remind ourselves e.g.

Peace created me peaceful. I must still be peaceful. So I can only give peace.

Perfection created me perfect. I must still be perfect. So I can only give perfection.

Eternal Life created me alive forever. I must still be eternal life. So I can only give eternal life.

Truth created me truthful. I must still be true. So I can only give the truth.

You can word it in other ways so long as it stays STRICTLY true to the metaphysical logic of extension. e.g.

God who is love created me lovingly to only love. Therefore I am still just as loving as when God created me, and I only have love to give.

Or combine them.

The perfect peace of God's love created me perfectly peaceful and loving. Therefore I am still perfectly at peace in love. And I give perfect loving peace to everyone always.

For me, I've been repeating this lesson many times because it's one that just cuts really really deep to the core of who and what I really am and helps me to tune into my soul and FEEL the peace and love within.

I was doing this last night and Jesus commented, "beautiful".

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