ACIM Urtext Topical Concordance

Top-Level Categories

Mid-Level Categories

ACIM: acim
AWARENESS: awarenessvision
BODIES: bodiesnutrition
COMMON: common

See also the Complete ACIM Word List to browse all words alphabetically and not grouped by categories.

This online ACIM concordance groups every unique word from the ACIM urtext into categories. There are top-level categories, mid-level categories, and low-level categories. Within each low-level category there may be several specific words which are variations/synonyms of a word, such as help, helps, helper, helpful, etc.

Please note that words can have multiple meanings, and the context within a sentence may change their meaning. In this concordance each word is organized as though it has only one general meaning. A word like "sense" may mean "makes sense" or it could relate to the physical "senses". But it will only be categorized under one meaning.

Some words could potentially belong to multiple categories, but I've assigned only one category per word. In some cases words might not be categorized where you'd expect them to, so browse around. Alternatively use the search box above - you can surround a word with double quote marks e.g. "miracle" for a quick result.

Numbers in brackets after a category or word indicate how many results you will find within that category or for that word, e.g. "miracle (447)" means the word "miracle" occurs 447 times.

Please note that words ending in 's in the original material have had the 's (apostrophe s) removed. Their occurrences can be found merged in with the word without the 's. e.g. "God's" becomes "God". ©2021 Paul West