Today's Workbook Lesson is 153

For Friday June 2 2023

ACIM Urtext Online Concordance

The new full concordance for the urtext is now online. It includes every volume and pamphlet and every word from A Course in Miracles. The concordance is categorized into approximate topical groups, from high-level to mid-level to low-level. The low level groups comprise synonyms and variants of words. You can also find word counts ie how many times each word occurs.

Go to the ACIM concordance or see the Full Word List.

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2076. Lay down your swords

Thursday, Jun 01, 2023 663 words 2 mins 56 secs

Recently I've been noticing a changed feeling inside. It feels like some kind of grievance has been forgiven, and now there is less desire to be at war. It feels like a backing down, dropping weapons, stepping attack and being...

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2075. Wakey wakey dirt worshippers!

Sunday, May 28, 2023 615 words 2 mins 44 secs1 comments

ACIM should've started out with a really explicit statement like "planet earth does not exist, human bodies do not exist, and space and time do not exist." You know, for all those stubborn and delusional folk who continually cling to them...

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2074. If you see it, you're projecting your stuff? Not necessarily!

Thursday, May 25, 2023 2349 words 10 mins 26 secs1 comments

Let's clear this up.

For the entire time that you have a physical body with working eyeballs, you will physically see the physical world based on the laws of physics. The body functions biologically based on photons of light...

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2073. Are you ready to stop dying in war and live in peace?

Sunday, May 21, 2023 500 words 2 mins 13 secs

To experience peace, there must be no conflict. It's just not just some state where you can still be ego and expect to have peace happen to you. Peace is the absence of war and attack. Just as love...

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2072. The split mind and the two levels of mind

Saturday, May 20, 2023 1000 words 4 mins 26 secs

There is a fundamental split in the mind, which has produced essentially two systems of thought at once. There is heaven and there is earth, and there seems to be a separation between them. Jesus doesn't say that your whole...

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