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For Sunday October 2 2022

ACIM Urtext Online Concordance

The new full concordance for the urtext is now online. It includes every volume and pamphlet and every word from A Course in Miracles. The concordance is categorized into approximate topical groups, from high-level to mid-level to low-level. The low level groups comprise synonyms and variants of words. You can also find word counts ie how many times each word occurs.

Go to the ACIM concordance or see the Full Word List.

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1920. The separate life

Friday, Sep 30, 2022 919 words 4 mins 5 secs

Separation is really about trying to do everything alone, without God. After all, if you separate yourself off from God, who was essentially doing everything for and with you, you end up in a position where you have do...

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1919. The war of the ACIM editions

Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 1161 words 5 mins 9 secs

Every now and then the same old debate of "which edition of ACIM is right" comes up. The trouble is, this question has a request for separation in it, and is looking to take sides. But it's the taking...

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1918. The struggle of judgement

Thursday, Sep 29, 2022 1277 words 5 mins 40 secs

To judge, is to evaluate, or to decide upon the meaning. We assess, we deduce, and we theorize as to what something is. It's kind of like an attempt to study something, to learn something about it, to understand...

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1917. Letting go of defining the meaning of everything

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022 3777 words 16 mins 47 secs

I have been noticing in myself lately that I keep being judgemental. My thoughts feel like judgements. Even just basic thoughts of "what something is" feels like a judgement. I wondered to myself why I seem to be judging...

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1916. The purpose of taking a course in miracles

Sunday, Sep 25, 2022 606 words 2 mins 41 secs

The PURPOSE of a "course", is that you TAKE the course, so that you can learn how to do something, and then AFTER you have taken the course, you are now ABLE to do that thing WITHOUT needing the...

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