New ACIM Book: The Reality of God and His Kingdom

The Reality of God and His Kingdom ACIM book

Discover the true nature of God and his Kingdom in this groundbreaking ACIM book by Paul West. The book begins with the absolute truth and, through a clear and irrefutable logical process, explains the nature of God and his creations.

The book details the creation of the sonship, our co-creative ability, and the beautiful nature of our shared home in God. Available now in e-book, paperback and hardcover from Amazon.

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New ACIM Book Series: Insights on A Course in Miracles

Insights on A Course in Miracles book series

Explore a wide variety of inspirational ACIM teachings in this extraordinary new series of 12 books. This series, insights on A Cousre in Miracles, covers many major topics and draws upon many years of writing.

Each book is available now at all Amazon websites, in Kindle e-book, paperback and hardcover editions.

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ACIM Urtext Online Concordance

The new full concordance for the urtext is now online. It includes every volume and pamphlet and every word from A Course in Miracles. The concordance is categorized into approximate topical groups, from high-level to mid-level to low-level. The low level groups comprise synonyms and variants of words. You can also find word counts ie how many times each word occurs.

Go to the ACIM concordance or see the Full Word List.

A Course in Miracles Blog

by Paul West

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2139. The secrets of the saintly miracle workers

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 931 words 4 mins 8 secs

I'm trying at the moment to get a better handle on how various MIRACLE WORKERS have been able to achieve their states of mind, and gain access to true miracle working power.

Most of these miracle workers are Christians...

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2138. Why you have ego rebounds - you do not want the truth

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 1203 words 5 mins 20 secs

In the separation from God and yourself, all that's happened is a part of your mind has believed in being separate. This "split mind" believes things which are not true, and not of God.

We call it the ego,...

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2137. You have to own up to being the evil ego

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 1748 words 7 mins 46 secs

"The ego is nothing more than a PART of your belief about yourselves. Your other life has continued without interruption, and has been and always will be totally unaffected by your attempts to dissociate (separate)."

"Ego" is just a...

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2136. Miracles use the power of God

Monday, Nov 27, 2023 831 words 3 mins 41 secs

Why is no-one talking about the POWER OF GOD?!

There are some people who have been known as miracle workers. They typically work the same way. They are in close communication with God and the Holy Spirit. They are humble...

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2135. The power of God and not of you engenders miracles!

Monday, Nov 27, 2023 1156 words 5 mins 8 secs

To be a miracle worker, it is absolutely essentially to realize that, although you will perform miracles, it is not YOU that does them. It is actually the Holy Spirit who has the power to do them. Or rather,...

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