Insights on A Course in Miracles Book Series - Inspired Teachings Based on ACIM


This is a profound collection of 12 books covering a wide variety of ACIM topics. Each book in this series is a curated collection of inspired insights on A Course in Miracles, written by Paul West. They each represent a portion of his profound sharing of over 2 million words, created over more than 20 years of ACIM study and practice.

Paul has gifted the ACIM community with a treasure-trove of insightful writings, teachings and a deep study of the course. Originally written as blog posts and articles, these works are given with a more casual, conversational, and yet sincere tone.

Each book focuses on a specific subject area of course study, such as God, The Sons of God, Forgiveness etc. Within each book you'll find a carefully chosen selection of Paul's best and most popular articles, focusing on the most useful and insightful works.

Articles lengths range from a reading time of 2 minutes up to almost 20 minutes. Each chapter represents one article. The chapters do not follow on from each other, so you can read them in any order. Approximate reading times are given for each chapter.

The articles have been lightly edited from their original form. Please note that some articles may contain some mild profanity. Portions in double quote marks and/or on a gray background are quotes from A Course in Miracles - from the Urtext edition. Some quotes may be slightly paraphrased (written from memory).

These books are written less formally than regular books, but this also makes for a more relaxed reading experience. The books won't necessarily speak to every part of each subject, but should cover many of the popular bases and areas of interest.

This is a highly valuable resource on your A Course in Miracles journey home to God.


The book series has its own page on Amazon where you can see all 12 books together.

All books are available in e-book, paperback and hardcover versions. Each book is printed on demand so is always in stock.

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The e-books are (or will be) also available on a variety of e-book outlet stores such as Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Fable, Kobo Plus and Scribd.

You can "look inside" or "read a sample" of each book on the Amazon websites. Note that the Kindle edition sample is longer than the paperback sample. Note also that each book is a different length, ranging from 230 to 550 pages.

The paperback and hardcover books are printed in a modern style with a matte-finish cover.



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To see the table of contents for each book, go to an Amazon website, find the book and either "Look inside" or "See a sample". Each book focuses on a specific area of ACIM teaching such as God, the world, forgiveness etc. ©2024 Paul West / OmniLogic Arts