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17. God already created you perfect

Tuesday, May 02, 2023 495 words 2 mins 12 secs

If we realize that we are immortal beings, we must also realize that we are perfect. Being immortal means living forever, which is only possible if you never change. Being changeless is part of reality, and it's what makes...

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16. Have gratitude to God for giving you eternal life

Friday, Apr 07, 2023 1340 words 5 mins 57 secs

"I am forever an effect of God."

While it is wonderful to reflect on your truly divine attributes, such as your immortality, invulnerability, permanence and unchangeability, we should also recognize that the ONLY reason you have these attributes is...

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15. Your changelessness is your peace

Tuesday, Apr 04, 2023 1354 words 6 mins 1 secs

"I am as God created me.

I will remain forever as I was

Created by the Changeless like Himself.

And I am one with Him, and He with me."

The truth is that you are incapable of change. You...

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14. God's Kingdom is a perfect hologram

Thursday, Jul 08, 2021 948 words 4 mins 12 secs

Reality, Heaven, the Kingdom of God, God's mind and thought system, real existence, Creation, your Divine Home, the Sonship, and the dwelling place of all the Creations of Light, is "structured" as a perfect hologram.

If you don't know how a...

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13. You are already perfect

Monday, Mar 01, 2021 612 words 2 mins 43 secs

God created you as a perfect being. You are flawless, immortal, immaculate, permanent, constant, unlimited and eternal. You can never change. You can never be changed. God's Will is done and your creation is forever. You are forever held in...

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12. The perfect choice

Thursday, Sep 03, 2020 736 words 3 mins 16 secs

"Real choice is no illusion. But the world has none to offer."

Whenever you are presented with a choice in this world, you'll find it always entails an impossible situation. It's not "you" that is making choices difficult, it is the...

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11. The myth of perfection in the world

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020 1402 words 6 mins 13 secs

On the level of the physical world, all objects and forms can never be perfect. This is sobering to recognize. It's actually because of the nature of spacetime.

In order to have space, or locations, it's necessary that something is in...

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10. Accepting reality - everything in the Kingdom is still perfect

Thursday, Oct 17, 2019 779 words 3 mins 27 secs

"This is a very simple course. Perhaps you do not feel that a course which, in the end, teaches nothing more than that only reality is true is necessary. But do you believe it?"

Before the separation from God and the...

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9. Your soul is already perfect

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2019 1000 words 4 mins 26 secs


"We have also emphasized that man, insofar as the term relates to Soul, has not only been fully Created, but also been created perfect. There is no emptiness in him."

"The Soul always remains changeless, because...

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8. There's a place in you that's already holy

Sunday, Apr 07, 2019 295 words 1 mins 18 secs

Regardless of how much ego you have right now, your true enlightened holy immortal self is already in you. It is merely HIDDEN behind ego blocks to awareness. You are STILL as God created you. Even right now you can...

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7. A Course in Miracles is perfectly logical

Friday, Sep 21, 2018 789 words 3 mins 30 secs

Each thought system starts with a logical premise, which determines everything that comes from it, which are perfectly logical conclusions. This is true of both God’s creation and the EGO’s world, which are logical outcomes.

The separation from God followed NEAT,...

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6. The Holy Family - Perfect family relationships

Sunday, May 20, 2018 694 words 3 mins 5 secs

The ONLY model for a correctly functioning family, is God's model of Heaven.

It is very simple.

God creates all children of God (Sons of God/Souls) simultaneously.

All of these children are perfectly equal and identical and loved equally. They all love each...

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5. Nothing has ever gone wrong and it never will!

Sunday, May 20, 2018 1223 words 5 mins 26 secs

Gradually over time I am becoming more and more aware that, in truth, nothing has ever gone wrong. And in fact, it is absolutely impossible for anything to really go wrong.

Everything about God's reality is permanent and unchanging. This seems...

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4. Perfect free will and responsibility for choice

Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 670 words 2 mins 58 secs

This segment spells it out plain and clear. YOU are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING you experience, you CHOOSE everything that happens, and nothing happens to you against your free will.

"This is the only thing that you need do for vision,...

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3. Stop becoming spiritual - you are already perfect in God

Saturday, Mar 03, 2018 2211 words 9 mins 49 secs

When God created you, He created you perfect. You were created whole, complete, absolutely divine and lacking nothing. He created you incapable of sin, capable only of extending love and joy.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to change what you are,...

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2. You're already perfect

Saturday, Nov 26, 2016 417 words 1 mins 51 secs

Just because you believe that you are not yet perfect, and are still trying to perfect yourself and attain some kind of 'better you', does not actually mean that you are not already perfect.

In fact, from God's vantage point, He...

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1. Everything is ok

Friday, Aug 12, 2016 414 words 1 mins 50 secs

Everything is ok. Absolutely everything. There is nothing to be worried about. Everyone is safe. Everything is light.

However, at the same time, there's this little voice that's saying "maybe everything is not ok". It's kind of a question, questioning whether...

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