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32. Emptying yourself

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 516 words 2 mins 17 secs1 comments

We only have what God has given to us in our creation, and what we have created with him. We have nothing else. Nor do we have anything which belongs exclusively to ourselves alone, something unshared or something that...

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31. Develop your psychic abilities

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 426 words 1 mins 53 secs

Jesus is encouraging you to open your mind, transcend your boundaries, and develop your psychic abilities. All abilities can be used with the Holy Spirit for good. In fact minds are joined naturally and those who have become better...

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30. The mind and the body are opposites

Sunday, Apr 09, 2023 2145 words 9 mins 31 secs

The nature of the mind is completely opposite to the nature of the body.

Mind is inclusive and expansive. It is everywhere and is shared by everyone. Everyone is one in mind. Mind is collective and joined. It reaches...

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29. The body is a prison cell

Thursday, May 19, 2022 891 words 3 mins 57 secs

We can think of the body as a prison cell, and the ego as a prison guard and prisoner.

"The body is the ego's idol; the belief in sin made flesh, and then projected outward. This produces what SEEMS...

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28. Claiming your freedom from imprisonment

Thursday, Dec 16, 2021 5727 words 25 mins 27 secs

In A Course in Miracles there are hundreds of references to FREEDOM scattered throughout. Freedom is also contrasted against its opposite, which is imprisonment, enslavement, being bound to the ego, to the body, to darkness, suffering and death. The...

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27. Freedom from all suffering

Sunday, Dec 06, 2020 955 words 4 mins 14 secs

I'm kind of blown away right now, with this rapidly growing recognition that ALL suffering has ONE cause. That there is really only ONE lesson to learn.

The lesson simply is that,.... if you believe the world is REAL, YOU WILL...

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26. Everything is deliberate and intentional

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020 904 words 4 mins 1 secs

Nothing happens without someone's mind deliberately willing it to happen. There are no exceptions to this. Separation did not happen without someone choosing it. Atonement does not happen without someone choosing it. Sickness does not happen without someone choosing it....

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25. Unwillingness is the ego's version of free will

Saturday, Sep 26, 2020 684 words 3 mins 2 secs

"An unwilling will does not mean anything, because it is a contradiction in terms which actually leaves nothing. You can make yourself powerless only in a way that has NO MEANING AT ALL. When you think you are unwilling to...

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24. Free will means there is no grounds for guilt

Sunday, Aug 02, 2020 1029 words 4 mins 34 secs

I was doing something and inquired of Holy Spirit, "Is it okay that I'm doing this?". The response was, "You're free."

This is always the response I get when questioning what I'm doing. Regardless of what I'm doing. Regardless of what...

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23. The power of your free-will choice

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 931 words 4 mins 8 secs

Jesus merely asks us to choose again. To keep choosing again until we make the correct choice.

"I must have made a wrong decision because I am not at peace. I made the decision myself but I can choose otherwise."

He tells...

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22. The secret of salvation is based on your free will

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 558 words 2 mins 28 secs

<3 Let's say that you have totally free will, and I also have totally free will. That means that there you are FREE FROM my will. It literally means I CANNOT do anything to you. There you are, fully causal,...

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21. You are free

Sunday, May 19, 2019 615 words 2 mins 44 secs

You have free will. "All loving creation is freely given." God has given you freedom. You can choose. There was nothing to really choose "between" in reality, until you dreamed of an alternative.

God did not stop you from dreaming. He...

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20. What are you causing? Everything is chosen

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2019 819 words 3 mins 38 secs

Given everything is driven by free-willed cause and effect, nothing is accidental. There are no mistakes. There is nothing happening randomly or by chance. Nothing happens at all without someone choosing it and willing it. There must be a CAUSE,...

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19. I am not a body I am free

Sunday, Jul 08, 2018 457 words 2 mins 1 secs

Jesus is literally asking us to become spirit-identified rather than body-identified, to recognize that our body is merely an image being projected by our mind (which we can stop projecting at any time), and to learn to stop seeing ourselves...

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18. I am not a body I am free

Friday, Jun 29, 2018 1185 words 5 mins 16 secs

You are not a body because you are as God created you which is a soul with a mind. Your soul/spirit has no need for a body whatsoever. But your mind is DREAMING of one.

Where did the body come from?...

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17. Perfect free will and responsibility for choice

Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 670 words 2 mins 58 secs

This segment spells it out plain and clear. YOU are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING you experience, you CHOOSE everything that happens, and nothing happens to you against your free will.

"This is the only thing that you need do for vision,...

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16. Why you have independent individual free will

Thursday, Apr 05, 2018 1576 words 7 mins 0 secs

(And why the idea of only one son, one dreamer, one perceiver, no individuals, non-duality, etc are bullshit)

"Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take...

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15. Learning to be free

Monday, Apr 02, 2018 704 words 3 mins 7 secs

Gradually over time Jesus has been trying to teach me about freedom.

He would say, "you are free". I would be trying to decide whether to do something or not, whether I'm allowed to, whether it's the right thing, etc. I...

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14. More glorious quotations on free will

Monday, Apr 02, 2018 597 words 2 mins 39 secs

"That is why rehabilitation is a collaborative venture. I can tell you what to DO, but this will not really help you unless you collaborate by believing that I know what to do. Only then will your MIND will to...

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13. Your individual God-Given free will

Monday, Apr 02, 2018 363 words 1 mins 36 secs

Jesus talks further about the power of your FREE WILL.

"All things BECOME possible through our joint will. But my will alone will not help you. Your will is as free as mine, and God Himself would not go against it."


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