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8. How God creates many whole beings

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022 2976 words 13 mins 13 secs

God is wholeness, or Holiness. He is the whole of everything, everywhere. There is no lack in Him. He is unlimited and infinite. He is omnipresent. He is the all in all.

"The mark of Wholeness is Holiness"


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7. God thinks holographically - wholes within wholes

Sunday, May 19, 2019 479 words 2 mins 7 secs

"The recognition of the part as whole, and of the whole in every part, is perfectly natural. For it is the way GOD thinks, and what is natural to Him, IS natural to you."

What this means is that God, who...

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6. Littleness vs magnitude

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018 411 words 1 mins 49 secs

Everything in this world is little, because it is made out of littleness. Littleness is the opposite of magnitude. You, who are created by God in His likeness, are magnificent in that you are infinite and unlimited and everywhere. To...

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5. Pray with your whole heart

Friday, Mar 23, 2018 395 words 1 mins 45 secs

True prayer, which is the medium of miracles, and is how you "ask", occurs in the heart, not in words necessarily. There is a guy who performs a lot of miracles who teaches to "pray with your whole heart". The...

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4. Part of your mind is shared with the whole, this is not just about you

Monday, Mar 12, 2018 2939 words 13 mins 3 secs

As humans with egos, we are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as "separate people." This is because of the ego. We have identified "self" with an individual body, and not the bodies of others, and thus perceive that we are...

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3. God created many sons holographically and each individual contains the whole

Friday, Mar 02, 2018 633 words 2 mins 48 secs

Oneness does NOT mean you do not have a self or free will.

ACIM quotes:

God, Who encompasses all being, created beings who have everything individually, but who want to share it to increase their joy. (T-4.VII.5:1)

God created His Sons by extending...

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2. Becoming more authentic

Friday, Sep 16, 2016 648 words 2 mins 52 secs

The ego is the idea of the TOTAL opposite of God. It is vile bitter hatred and death and darkness.

Usually, however, we are not really aware of just how vicious it is, because it hides most of its viciousness behind...

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1. There is nothing your holiness cannot do

Thursday, Sep 01, 2016 152 words 0 mins 40 secs

Holy cow...

Workbook lesson 38.. ONLY number 38... and yet.... this powerful message:

"There is nothing my holiness cannot do."

Talk about hitting the ground running. It also says:

"Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of...

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