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90. Constant vigilance against temptation

Sunday, Sep 17, 2023 1406 words 6 mins 14 secs

I find very often that if I am not constantly "rebuking" everything the world seems to portray, I will fall into temptation and buy into problems. Then I'll have reactions based on ego and form and bodies and appearances,...

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89. Why doing ACIM seems so difficult

Friday, Sep 08, 2023 1596 words 7 mins 5 secs1 comments

Sometimes doing ACIM seems very difficult. It boils down to a simple fact. Everything in the world is opposite to the truth. And that means you're going to have to become opposite to everything in the world!

"This IS...

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88. Letting go of the bad and the good

Sunday, Sep 03, 2023 504 words 2 mins 14 secs

Sometimes Jesus will say that both your positive and your negative feelings about the body or the world are detrimental. This can seem confusing because you might think only the negative stuff is a problem. And most people focus on...

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87. Recognizing the body's nothingness makes it disappear

Saturday, Sep 02, 2023 1299 words 5 mins 46 secs

"God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. The body is the symbol of WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist."


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86. What if your mind makes the world and can change it at will?

Thursday, Aug 10, 2023 1330 words 5 mins 54 secs

What if the world is really a highly malleable dream, not some fixed objective place, and our minds have the power to change it at will? Then this perhaps redefines physical miracles.

If the state of objects, the events...

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85. My body disappeared

Monday, Aug 07, 2023 674 words 2 mins 59 secs2 comments

For a short time yesterday, my body vanished from my conscious awareness. I had my eyes closed at the time and was thinking about some stuff...

I had this sudden vision of a small scene, perhaps a trail or...

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84. Horizontal vs Vertical learning of ACIM

Monday, Jul 17, 2023 926 words 4 mins 6 secs1 comments

There are two approaches to ACIM. One is to learn the theory about what is true or false. The other is to actually change your mind and transform your awareness so that you wake up to experiencing it.


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83. The world must be denied

Thursday, Jul 06, 2023 846 words 3 mins 45 secs

If ACIM is to be believed, and interpreted correctly, it is literally saying that this world is the OPPOSITE of what's real. And therefore it is completely unlike the nature of God's Kingdom. Indeed, unlike your real self.


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82. Only immortal things are a part of God

Tuesday, Jul 04, 2023 1097 words 4 mins 52 secs

"You are immortal BECAUSE you are eternal"

You are immortal. Generally that means you live forever without any kind of end, you can never be changed, and you are permanently the same all the time.

You'll then find that...

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81. The solid physical world of matter is an illusion

Thursday, Jun 08, 2023 2140 words 9 mins 30 secs

In ACIM the term "solid" or "solidity" obviously refers to what we recognize it to mean..... things which seem solid to us. Physical matter, heavy objects, solid materials, walls, bodies, planets, all things which science would tell us are...

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80. God did not create airplanes or the earth

Saturday, Jun 03, 2023 786 words 3 mins 29 secs

Lesson 14 simply says that God did not create physical things because they are not real. For example.

"God did not create that war, and so it is not real."

"God did not create that airplane crash, and so it...

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79. Wakey wakey dirt worshippers!

Sunday, May 28, 2023 615 words 2 mins 44 secs1 comments

ACIM should've started out with a really explicit statement like "planet earth does not exist, human bodies do not exist, and space and time do not exist." You know, for all those stubborn and delusional folk who continually cling to them...

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78. If you see it, you're projecting your stuff? Not necessarily!

Thursday, May 25, 2023 2349 words 10 mins 26 secs1 comments

Let's clear this up.

For the entire time that you have a physical body with working eyeballs, you will physically see the physical world based on the laws of physics. The body functions biologically based on photons of light...

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77. Total commitment to the truth

Thursday, May 04, 2023 1449 words 6 mins 26 secs1 comments

The aim of our purification, of sorting out the true from the false, is to become fully committed only to the truth. This means purifying or filtering out anything which is not of God, and accepting everything that is of...

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76. The importance of comparing and contrasting

Friday, Apr 14, 2023 2106 words 9 mins 21 secs

"You, then, have two conflicting evaluations of yourself in your minds, and they CANNOT BOTH BE TRUE. You do not yet realize how COMPLETELY different these evaluations are, because you do not understand how lofty the Holy Spirit's perception...

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75. You are immortal, so stop trying to die!

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2023 2759 words 12 mins 15 secs

"You are not sick, and you cannot die. But you CAN confuse your self with things that do."

"You play the game of death, of being helpless, pitifully tied to dissolution in a world which shows no mercy to...

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74. Earth is not God's creation

Monday, Apr 10, 2023 1920 words 8 mins 31 secs

Quite often there are discussions in ACIM circles about whether this world is real or not. Whether the planet earth really exists, or is an illusion. Whether perception overlays on top of it or is just a misinterpretation of...

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73. The unnatural nature of earth, which is opposite to heaven

Friday, Apr 07, 2023 2375 words 10 mins 33 secs

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says that this world - Earth - is upside down, back to front, and inside out. Perhaps we should look at how this is the case, to realize just how OPPOSITE Earth is...

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72. Stuck in false perceptions?

Sunday, Apr 02, 2023 594 words 2 mins 38 secs1 comments

"False perception", ie being heavily in your ego, is a state of imprisonment. It's a very closed way of looking at things, it cuts you off from the light, wraps you in heavy walls, and makes everything look serious....

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71. Atonement accepts that it never even happened

Thursday, Mar 09, 2023 1410 words 6 mins 16 secs

"How simple is salvation! All it says is what was never true is not true now, and never will be. The impossible has NOT occurred, and CAN have no effects. And that is all."

I've found personally that I...

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