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7. The separation from reality has made us insane

Saturday, May 13, 2023 2250 words 10 mins 0 secs2 comments

What A Course in Miracles calls "the separation", was a rejection of reality. We denied what was real and blocked our awareness of it. We lost touch with reality and forgot what it was like.

"The separation is merely a...

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6. The mind being sane heals the body

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019 1151 words 5 mins 6 secs

"The mind, being sane, heals the body."

"The mind makes this decision as it makes EVERY decision responsible for the condition of the body."

"Sickness is a defense agains the truth."

"If you arrest the extension of the mind, it fosters separation and...

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5. Who made the insane world of bodies?

Thursday, Sep 13, 2018 611 words 2 mins 42 secs

"T-18.IX.3. From the WORLD OF BODIES, MADE BY INSANITY, insane messages seem to be returned to the mind that made it. 2 And these messages bear witness to this world, pronouncing it as true. 3 For YOU sent forth these...

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4. A sane mind heals the body and makes death impossible

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 311 words 1 mins 22 secs

"A sane mind heals the body" - ACIM

The idea that you are CAUSE, the idea that your mind makes your body... it goes even further than this.

The mind does not merely sit on a fence observing that "it is not...

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3. What is insanity?

Saturday, May 13, 2017 432 words 1 mins 55 secs

Believing that what is impossible, untrue and unreal...

... is actually possible, true and real.

When someone believes it is possible to separate from God by attacking Him, that's completely impossible, and it's insane to believe it.

When someone believes that they really...

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2. Illusions and insanity

Saturday, Apr 15, 2017 339 words 1 mins 30 secs

God is very very clear about what is real and what is an illusion.

In this clarity, God is wholly sane. Sanity means there is no distortion that denies the truth.

For example it is absolutely impossible to be separate from God...

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1. You can be quite mistaken

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016 547 words 2 mins 25 secs

You can be completely sure, or at least convinced that you are, that something is true or 'the case', and still be mistaken.

You can be totally adamant that you're right about this, and still not be right about it.

You can...

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