A sane mind heals the body and makes death impossible

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 311 words 1 mins 22 secs
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"A sane mind heals the body" - ACIM

The idea that you are CAUSE, the idea that your mind makes your body... it goes even further than this.

The mind does not merely sit on a fence observing that "it is not a body".

The mind, as the cause of the body, is also two other important things:

1) The mind has AUTHORITY over the body. ("the mind must be stronger than the body, every miracle demonstrates this)


2) The mind WHEN SANE, HEALS the body, which ACTIVELY reverses all signs of sickness and death, restoring the body to a picture of health.

So you do not merely wake up and keep sickness in the body. You do not merely wake up and then go through body death. A mind in a permanent state of sanity/health MUST FORCE the body to be healthy and therefore makes it impossible for the body to turn to sickness or death.

"A broken body is proof the mind has not been healed", because literally, if the body is broken, the mind CANNOT be sane, because a sane mind HEALS the body. So if the mind has not HEALED the body, it can't have been sane, and has attacked the body in insanity.

Anyone who dies, anyone who is sick, has something wrong with their mind. "Miracles are supposed to be happening all the time. When they are not, something has gone wrong."

So a sane mind, an awakened mind, is not only POWERFUL, it has full AUTHORITY over all forms and the body and the world, it ACTIVELY HEALS and undoes sickness and death.

God is always in a state of "HEALING" because He is always sane and always radiates healing power, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO BECOME SICK OR DIE.

This is the true meaning of "I am sustained by God all through the day". ie, I am KEPT ALIVE BY GOD AT ALL TIMES.

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