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19. The importance of comparing and contrasting

Friday, Apr 14, 2023 2106 words 9 mins 21 secs

"You, then, have two conflicting evaluations of yourself in your minds, and they CANNOT BOTH BE TRUE. You do not yet realize how COMPLETELY different these evaluations are, because you do not understand how lofty the Holy Spirit's perception...

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18. Moving into the light to perform miracles

Friday, Mar 31, 2023 1954 words 8 mins 41 secs

"The miracle-worker begins by PERCEIVING light, and translates HIS perception into sureness by continually extending it, and ACCEPTING ITS ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Its EFFECTS assure him IT IS THERE. The therapist does not heal; he LETS HEALING BE. HE can point to...

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17. Darkness and the evil sinful shadow world

Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021 4701 words 20 mins 53 secs

To understand the separation from God, consider the relationship between light and darkness.

At first, light is everywhere in heaven. Then in the separation, the presence of light is resisted by trying not to will that there be light. This...

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16. Enlightenment and miracles

Saturday, Jul 03, 2021 1439 words 6 mins 23 secs1 comments

Why do you think it is, that some people seem to reach some kind of state of "enlightenment" or awakening, but they still can't do that Jesus was able to do?

Why is it that they claim enlightenment, but they don't...

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15. Enlightenment is but a recognition and not a change at all

Sunday, Feb 07, 2021 667 words 2 mins 57 secs

There isn't really anything that you need to do about the ego. It's really a matter of recognition. You simply don't as yet recognize it for what it IS, and you think it is something else.

Recognition requires you to have...

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14. Shine your light into your brother's mind to heal them

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2020 2152 words 9 mins 33 secs

You are quite literally A LIGHT.

"The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky."

Like a giant magnificent powerful light bulb.

You have a brightness. You shine. You radiate light.

You are a light being, shining brightly...

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13. Illusions of reality - darkness does not exist

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 1389 words 6 mins 10 secs

Have a look at this picture. It seems like an image of a person. You can see a hand waving. You can see the person's head and shoulder. There's a person there, isn't there?

Well actually, take a more discerning look....

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12. There is no world, it's the absence of light

Saturday, Feb 09, 2019 1583 words 7 mins 2 secs

Take an analogy of a room. When the light is switched on in the room the room is lit. There is no significant "darkness". Maybe there are also windows open with the sunlight streaming in. It's a very bright room.


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11. The light of eternity shines away the world and the body

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018 1770 words 7 mins 51 secs

"I cannot see in darkness but in light"

"God is the light in which I see."

"Eternity will shine away the world."

"The world will disappear in light."

In ACIM there is a theme of the relationship of light and dark. We're simply told...

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10. Visibility vs Invisibility

Monday, Nov 05, 2018 577 words 2 mins 33 secs

There is a reason why the Holy Spirit is invisible to the body's eyes. There is a reason why Heaven is invisible to the body's eyes. There is a reason why Christ is invisible to the body's eyes. The body's...

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9. Extension, creation, sharing, radiance, light, love

Thursday, Mar 08, 2018 1080 words 4 mins 48 secs

The Kingdom of God has the interesting property of having to be shared and extended in order to exist. And the Course teaches that in order to truly 'have' something, you must give it away, because giving it proves that...

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8. Delighting in other people's conflict

Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 276 words 1 mins 13 secs

There is a subtle form of ego projection which may go unnoticed.

Sometimes other people are arguing or upset. It may not necessarily have anything to do with you and you might not be actively a part of the argument.

But the...

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7. Not being fully aware of everything will lead to false conclusions

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017 761 words 3 mins 22 secs

Not being fully aware of everything will lead to false conclusions. This is the state of insanity. Meanings will be read into, there will be hallucinations, there will be a twisting or purposes, relationships will be interrupted, and reality will...

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6. Not being aware of everything will lead to false conclusions

Friday, Oct 06, 2017 431 words 1 mins 54 secs

Whatever the extent of your conscious awareness is right now, if it is not technically an awareness of God or the whole of your True Self, then somewhere in you there is unconsciousness.

In spite of that fact, you will still...

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5. Light shows you that nothing has gone wrong at all

Saturday, Jun 17, 2017 648 words 2 mins 52 secs

Light is truth. You can see what really is, when there is light. You cannot see in the dark. Darkness appears to hide the light, as though blocking it, removing it, or affecting it. But light cannot be affected by...

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4. About your belief that darkness can hide monsters

Wednesday, Nov 09, 2016 463 words 2 mins 3 secs

Jesus speaks of how we believe that "darkness can hide".

"Darkness" is the idea that there can be 'diminished light', or indeed 'no light'.

"Light" is the light of awareness. God is light. Your True Self is light.

So in order to seemingly...

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3. The ego is an idea of darkness, God is the light

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016 305 words 1 mins 21 secs

When you try to go into the light, while still holding onto ego in any way, you are trying to bring darkness into the light.

What that means is, you believe the darkness can 'stay dark' while you enter the light....

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2. You're keeping your illusions in the dark

Sunday, Sep 18, 2016 566 words 2 mins 30 secs

What we do in secret, and separately from God, and thinking that it is not something God is aware of, and which we hope other people do not know about, and how we suffer in silence, and feel things that...

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1. There's a light side and a dark side

Sunday, Aug 14, 2016 580 words 2 mins 34 secs

A light way to look at things and a dark way. It is similar to how, from above the clouds, the sun shines on everything, and yet beneath the clouds, everything looks dark and threatening.

Looking back toward the light with...

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