There is no world, it's the absence of light

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Take an analogy of a room. When the light is switched on in the room the room is lit. There is no significant "darkness". Maybe there are also windows open with the sunlight streaming in. It's a very bright room.

If you turn off the lights and cover the windows, what happens? The only thing that happen is the light is not permitted to enter. It SEEMS, then, as if the room "is dark", right?

If you were to recognize this is only an absence of light, you'd know that it's not so much that "darkness has entered the room", but rather simply that there is an absence of light or lack of light. The APPEARANCE of "darkness" is ONLY what "lack of light" looks like. A "hole" in the light.

What the EGO does, is it mistakes the ILLUSION of light's absence, for being something in its own right. Like, there really is a "darkness". Really is an evil. Really is a power or force that can CAUSE light to be absent, can attack light, can defend against light, and can force light to be dispelled. That "darkness shines away the light". This is "the belief that darkness that can hide." It's the belief, the mistaken belief, that the illusion of light's absence ISN'T an illusion, but rather is an opposing force, a "something", a real darkness, which exists in and of itself, and can stay by its own will and MAKE things dark.

This however is disproven when, for example, you switch the light back on again and open up the windows, the light pours in, the "lack" of light is "supplied", and what happens to the darkness? Does the darkness have ANY power to prevent the room from being "lit"? Does the darkness have a will with which it can DO anything? Can it protest against the light and say "i'm not going to be illuminated" and thus hold an area of the room in darkness in defiance of the light? No. It has no power, no will, no real presence, nothing, unless you yourself try to give it that. It in fact completely vanishes because it is LITERALLY NOTHING other than an illusion. There IS no darkness really.

Mistaking the absence of light for "real darkness" is delusional. It's a belief that illusions are real. That the illusion of "there is darkness" is true, rather than, "it's just light's absence." There is a huge difference there. Believing in real darkness versus RECOGNIZING that it is ONLY light's absence is the difference between sanity and insanity. And ultimately if you recognize that only light is true, then there is NO DARKNESS at all, and thus NO LACK OF LIGHT.

Now here's the thing. When we resisted God's will and became defensive and resistant to truth, trying to stop light from extending, trying to oppose reality, it resulted in this ILLUSION of a state where there seemed to be a LACK, or an absence of light and love. ie we tried to deny light/truth/God. It WAS only an illusion of light's absence because light cannot really be affected. BUT, some souls believed in the lack as if it was the truth, as if there really WAS a darkness, as if evil REALLY existed as a THING, as if darkness could CAUSE light to be hidden or could cause anything. That darkness could cause God's light to diminish, as an attack on light. This is the idea of sin.

This resulted in, a state where there is the illusion that "light is absent or lacking".... nothing but an illusion, easily dispelled, easily SHONE AWAY by the light of truth if the light were permitted to come. But it was the UNWILLINGNESS of the "separated ones" to ALLOW light to enter, in rejection of love ("love does not enter where it is not welcome"), that "held" light at bay and maintained the illusion of darkness. This is what "keeps them in the dark" so to speak because they are actively "pushing light away". It's because they imbue "darkness" with their own unwillingness or "will to reject the will of light", that they GIVE darkness this seeming "reality" or "power" to seem to fight against the light and keep love at bay. Thus they maintain that things "made of darkness" actually exist, even though they don't.

When they do that, and they did that, it produced an entire ILLUSORY WORLD, nothing but an appearance of light's absence, and not A REAL DARKNESS, but it was a world they believed in, one where they believed darkness really DOES exist, is CAUSAL, can have power OVER light, and can force God to be attacked. That belief in darkness, and that "lack of light and love", SHOWS UP AS .... an entire WORLD. In other words, the world is merely the ILLUSORY APPEARANCE of there SEEMING to be a "block to light". And this is also why Jesus says "the world is false perception" because it ONLY EXISTS WITHIN your delusional state of "darkened mind" and DOES NOT exist when your mind is lit by truth. But the world, itself, is actually entirely MADE OF, nothing more than, "the illusion of light's absence". It is made of denial. It is made of a protest against the light. "The world you made is an illusion of a world, God did not create it". So long as light is "absent", the world shows up. When the light is present, the world disappears.

So long as separated souls are willing against God they uphold and maintain the world. "You maintain the world in your mind with your thoughts." Whenever souls have finally decided to stop willing against God, and to stop trying to give the world an illusory power to be "real darkness", no-one will thus believe that there REALLY IS A WORLD, because they simply no longer are deceived by the ILLUSION of light's absence. They will first recognize the world is NOTHING other than the illusion that there is a lack of light, and then go on to realize there IS ONLY light, thus NO WORLD.

They stop believing in sin and evil. They believe only in love and accept only God's truth and light. And this results in, no-one remaining to MAINTAIN a world, a world which is made of light's absence ie sin, guilt, fear, attack, death.... and that is when "eternity will shine away the world". And this is also where Jesus talks about nothing being left to keep a separated world in place. Space and time end because no-one believes in them, and the entirety of "stuff made of darkness" vanishes. Without anyone WILLING TO KEEP IT, the LIGHT will be ALLOWED to shine fully and totally. And this will shine away the world, the entire universe in fact, all the stars and planets will disappear in light. That's what it means. That's how the world ends. It is merely recognized as no longer seeming to exist at all. The darkness simply disappears as if it never existed at all, because it didn't.

Because in truth, the world, THIS PLANET, all planets, the sun, the stars, the galaxies, all of it, all of SPACE and TIME, every place and location, everything 3D, are all NOTHING MORE THAN "light's absence", an ILLUSION that light can be absent, and an illusion that it's NOT the absence of light but actually the presence of a "something". "The world of darkness" will be shone away, because... drumroll. ... THERE IS NO WORLD. It's like saying the world is the darkness in the room, and so long as there is no light the room remains dark and so the world exists AS the darkness. But as soon as the light shines, where is the darkness? What will or power does it have to REMAIN? IT has NONE AT ALL. It is nothing. It simply vanishes because it WAS nothing more than the "lack of light" or the illusion that love is absence.

The world as an illusion of lights absence thus first transitions from appearing to be real (false perception), to being recognized as not real (true perception), what seemed to be "an evil world" is transitioned to a world very close to the light because it's recognized as merely "light's absence". You love it to shine it away. Your light dispels it. Being the light of the world ends the world by revealing there is no world. And thus the world, the appearance of a world, merely disappears into nothing, just as the darkness in the room just disappears as if it never existed. All that REMAINS is heaven which is reality - the living world of light.

This is why there is no world. It is NOTHING. Believing it is a "something" is delusional. It's no different than believing that darkness enters a room and causes the light to be dispelled. The darkness does not exist at all. Once miracles supply a lack and the whole universe is infused with light, it disappears. "A forgiven world cannot last." "The world will spin into the nothingness from which it came." The picture of crucifixion ends. The world of sin vanishes. It doesn't have a "something" that is KEPT or REMAINS. It is the absence of something. It doesn't have a "core reality" that transitions through and makes it past the disappearance of darkness. It WAS the darkness. It simply ceases to exist. Light shines the world away. It is gone. There is no world, there never was. Only heaven is real.

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