Not being aware of everything will lead to false conclusions

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Whatever the extent of your conscious awareness is right now, if it is not technically an awareness of God or the whole of your True Self, then somewhere in you there is unconsciousness.

In spite of that fact, you will still believe that the full scope of your current conscious awareness is the "whole" of who you are, the "whole" of the truth, and the sum total of all information that's present.

The problem is, if you have unconsciousness to any degree, there is some information you are not aware of. You will then attempt to come to conclusions based on all the information available to you at the moment. It will seem then to make sense to you.

This for example is why people become justified in being angry. They are unconscious of the way they have projected sin onto others, unaware of the full dynamics of the situation. It then *seems* (an illusion) that, because of a block to awareness, it is perfectly logical and sensible to conclude, based on what you are *aware of*, that the other person is the one who caused your upset. Then you will be justified in being angry or blaming them. But this is because you do not see the whole picture.

Anyone in a body who has an ego, has some unconsciousness. That also means, their sense of identity is limited, and therefore there is some kind of illusion of a self which is *blocking* awareness. This illusion of self is a mask or facade or persona. Typically this persona presents itself as "innocent". Everyone thinks they are innocent. That's because this innocence HIDES, and makes unconscious, their guilt.

You have to realize then that you have a facade of fake innocence which has blinded you. You have to also realize that, even if you THINK you are fully aware right now, are fully yourself, or are fully in the truth, you probably are not (unless you really are with God). You will not BE AWARE that you have an unconscious mind. You ego persona will deny it and cover it up. But it is there.

This means you have to be willing to question your facade of fake innocence and whether there might be DENIAL happening, which is hiding truth from you. When truth is hidden you cannot see correctly and WILL come to false conclusions. This confusion then is responsible for ALL UPSET, resulting from mis-perceiving what is happening. You NEED more information in order to properly evaluate what is happening. You need a bigger picture. Without it, you are blinded and will react to illusions.

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