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6. What is the devil?

Thursday, Apr 14, 2022 2128 words 9 mins 27 secs

In ACIM, there is no real devil. However, he does describe our BELIEF in the separation, or the denial of God, as "the devil". It's like putting a label on our authority problem. Since "the ego is part of...

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5. An evil world of temptation and hell

Thursday, Apr 14, 2022 1662 words 7 mins 23 secs

The physical world was made as a projection of a false idea. Everything in it is false, untrue and unreal. It therefore depicts a lie, a deception, an illusion, and an attempt to ASSERT that something false is true. That...

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4. Darkness and the evil sinful shadow world

Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021 4701 words 20 mins 53 secs

To understand the separation from God, consider the relationship between light and darkness.

At first, light is everywhere in heaven. Then in the separation, the presence of light is resisted by trying not to will that there be light. This...

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3. Recognizing that evil people are not evil

Monday, Apr 20, 2020 1565 words 6 mins 57 secs

Believing that evil is real, is a mistaken perception. It's actually a failure to recognize what the so-called evil is. Only in a total lack of recognition, does it appear to be "real evil" at all. Without forgiveness, it seems...

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2. What is evil? Does the devil exist?

Wednesday, Apr 08, 2020 1447 words 6 mins 25 secs

There is no real evil in God's reality so it does not really exist.

But evil is an illusion of something being true that isn't. It's what you get when reality is confused with illusions, and the truth is confused with...

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1. Jesus talks about the devil and Lucifer

Friday, Aug 10, 2018 420 words 1 mins 52 secs

Here in ACIM Jesus talks about the devil. He describes it is another other than our own self denial and what we do to ourselves. He makes it clear, it is not an external power. It is nothing other than...

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