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8. The state of conflict and the end of war

Friday, Mar 17, 2023 1052 words 4 mins 40 secs

In the oneness of God, there is no taking of sides. There is only one side, and everyone's on it. Because there is no split, there is no war.

This state of the "absence of conflict" is a state...

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7. Transcending what's happening? Being at peace?

Thursday, Mar 28, 2019 2018 words 8 mins 58 secs

Let's talk a bit about this notion that all you have to do is transcend "what's happening" in order to be at peace.

The major assumption here is that stuff is happening "on its own". The world is ticking over, events...

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6. I must have made a wrong decision because I am not at peace

Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018 817 words 3 mins 37 secs

"I must have decided wrongly because I am NOT at peace."

This means that if in ANY WAY I am not at peace, am sick, upset, unhappy, afraid, in pain, suffering or dying, it has come about ONLY because *I* made...

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5. I must have decided wrongly because I am NOT at peace

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 542 words 2 mins 24 secs

Last night I used the below process, but in a different way. I did it VERY slowly. I re-stated each phrase several times over and really let it sink in before moving on to the next one. I actually found...

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4. The myth of achieving peace while continuing to be sick

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 453 words 2 mins 0 secs

You hear it often said that when you have peace, you will not care that the body is sick - you will be at peace so you won't mind what the body is doing. And then death will happen, because,...

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3. You are upset because something in you was already not at peace

Monday, Apr 03, 2017 449 words 1 mins 59 secs

If you are upset for some reason, there is something in you already which is not at peace. Some part of your mind is identified with ego, having an emotional reaction, or perhaps something is coming up for release.

If you...

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2. You might not be at peace but you have some lessons to learn

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017 568 words 2 mins 31 secs

Another ego trap with forgiveness is believing that you need to be at peace regardless of what's going on in life. While this might ultimately be the goal, meanwhile the things that happen in life are there because they are...

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1. The prayer that I must have decided wrongly because I'm not at peace

Sunday, Sep 11, 2016 853 words 3 mins 47 secs

Let's review this prayer from ACIM in a new light.

"1. I must have decided wrongly, because I am not at peace.

2. I made the decision myself, but I can also decide otherwise.

3. I want to decide otherwise, because I want...

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