Can you save the world?

Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022 795 words 3 mins 31 secs
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If you want to be happy, and the world is a shit hole, can you be happy? If the world is broken, everything keeps dying, nothing lasts, sooner or later everything goes to hell, and there's an insurmountable amount of problems, can you really prevent it?

The question is, do you have to depend on the world being NOT a shit hole, in order for you to be happy? Do you require that certain people be a certain way, such that if they don't comply, you are not happy?

Do you need and depend on the world, to give you happiness, to make you happy against your will? To save you from yourself? Does the world have to save YOU in order for you to be saved? And can you be happy if the world doesn't save you? What if it just carries on being a shit hole, forever? Can you accept that and let it?

"Therefore, seek not to change the WORLD, but will to change your mind ABOUT the world."

"ALL its roads but lead to disappointment, nothingness and death. There IS no choice in its alternatives. Seek not ESCAPE from problems here. The world was made that problems could not BE escaped."

I think Jesus is pretty clear that the world, on the level of form, in terms of objects and their organization, cannot be saved. How are you going to stop the sun from going supernova and destroying the planet? And all the other planets in the galaxies out there? You can't do it. And no matter how many problems you solve, there is a neverending supply of them lined up waiting for you.

The world is relentless in its onslaught of constant bullshit. It does not let up ever. Another day, another problem. Another malfunction, another breakage, another loss, another conflict. This is its nature. It cannot be saved from this nature. It will always be screwed up and stupid because that is its whole way of existing. It is made from the idea of a lack of peace, a destruction of harmony, and a breakdown in order.

Can you be at peace then if the world is adamant about being a shit hole forever? The world is never ever going to stop being a shithole. You can expect a regular barrage of total bullshit from today until the day you leave the planet, and beyond. One way or another.

So how can you be happy and at peace, if your happiness depends on the world? The world WILL disappoint you over and over again. It will take away your happiness as soon as it can. And then it will turn around and pretend to give it back to you, to make you happy, to force your happiness, and to remind you that you need it.

But if your happiness depends on the world being one way or another, or certain things happening, or people making certain choices, then you're in for a letdown. They might do it, they might not, and they probably won't. Jesus says to not seek for escape from problems here. That ALL its roads lead to suffering and death. You can't FIND permanent perfect peace and happiness here, on the level of the physical. Form itself IS conflict!

So there has to be another way. The other way is in terms of how you see the world, what it means to you, and how you interpret it. Or what you use it for. What you focus on and what you overlook. Because "to forgive is to overlook." Your happiness has to become independent of what happens out there. It has to not require it to be one way or another. Otherwise you're trapped. And all the ways that you depend on the world keep you bound to hell.

The world is bleak and broken and terrifying. But you can forgive it for being this way, and overlook its appearance without taking it seriously. Fortunately the world isn't God's reality, and thank God for that. There is another way to see the world, which doesn't derive its meaning from the world itself, and isn't deceived by its forms and appearances. There is another way that doesn't look to the world to find happiness.

The world is a place of despair. That's why it ends in laughter. When you can laugh at it in spite of itself, you laugh it away. If you let its despair infect you, you will despair along with it. You must deny the world in order to open up to a higher reality. A reality in which you are happy because you are with God, and where you know that nothing could ever come from the world to take away your peace.

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