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5. Wakey wakey dirt worshippers!

Sunday, May 28, 2023 615 words 2 mins 44 secs1 comments

ACIM should've started out with a really explicit statement like "planet earth does not exist, human bodies do not exist, and space and time do not exist." You know, for all those stubborn and delusional folk who continually cling to them...

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4. The bullshit idols of external salvation

Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021 2434 words 10 mins 49 secs1 comments

Catchy title eh.

"God dwells within, and your completion lies in Him. No idol takes His place. Look not to idols. Do not seek outside yourself."

Ok so, this is quite fundamental. Who you are, one with God, is...

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3. The world (anti-christ) is made as a veil of idols

Sunday, Jun 02, 2019 434 words 1 mins 55 secs

"An idol is a false impression, or a false belief; some form of **anti-Christ** which constitutes a gap BETWEEN the Christ and what you see."

So anti-christ or "the world of idols" is some kind of wall that you interpose between...

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2. Idol worship puts you down - you are more worthy than that

Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017 379 words 1 mins 41 secs

The thing about idol worship, is that it puts you down.

You can't put someone or something up on a pedestal without diminishing your own value.

Jesus speaks to this many times in ACIM where, for example, we give a gift to...

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1. Idol worship and victimhood

Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 1432 words 6 mins 21 secs

It basically works like this. You believe you are not loveable and are separate from the love that you ARE. You experience a sense of lacking love. This creates a false need. The need motivates you to search. You search...

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