Idol worship puts you down - you are more worthy than that

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The thing about idol worship, is that it puts you down.

You can't put someone or something up on a pedestal without diminishing your own value.

Jesus speaks to this many times in ACIM where, for example, we give a gift to another person that we think they 'deserve' or are 'worthy of' and this values them at equality with that gift, and so basically says "you're only worth a box of chocolates".

And our society is actually quite hell bent on putting things up on pedestals, making us chase after objects and possessions and statuses that we seem to exalt 'above us' to make them seem special. All the while making those idols hared to reach and kept apart, in order to give them their appeal and addictive qualities. But if they are special and golden, it's only because we're not.

"We are not worthy" comes to mind, as an idol-worshipping mantra.

So all of industry is pushing this idea that you don't deserve the good stuff because you suck, and yet you should want the good stuff - the big flat screen Tv's on Black Friday - because then you've claimed a right to such treasures. And somehow they are now cherished toys to radiate and beam about. Because you're not as worthy as a television.

Similarly you can't be in a position where you are putting Jesus up on a pedestal without diminishing your birthright of being His equal. It puts you down and positions you as perpetually separate from Him.

Idolizing anyone or anything is a strange psychological condition where you praise and adore and exalt this thing to be so magnificently above you, hoping that it will somehow shower you with its mighty blessings that you barely deserve, all the while diminishing your sense of worth.

Eventually if the 'leader' that you are following becomes such an icon, you turn into a worthless sheep who can't even recognize their own value. In the ego's reasoning, the best idol worshippers are those who believe they will never allow themselves to take anything away from the idol, and so will sacrifice themselves as an offering, hoping to be ignored and attacked, and to then turn around and thank them for doing it.

Nothing is more worthy than a Child of God, which you are.

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