The world (anti-christ) is made as a veil of idols

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"An idol is a false impression, or a false belief; some form of **anti-Christ** which constitutes a gap BETWEEN the Christ and what you see."

So anti-christ or "the world of idols" is some kind of wall that you interpose between you and Christ/face of Christ. And this wall is AGAINST or opposed to and blocking of Christ - the world is the anti-christ.

"An idol is a wish, made tangible and given form, and thus perceived as real, and seen OUTSIDE the mind."

So you have this wishful thinking ie ego belief illusion, which you see as outside the mind, which takes on FORM. ie, these ideas appear as physical objects, and they're seen as being outside the mind/body. They form the world, the form of the physical matter.

"Yet they remain ideas, and CANNOT leave the mind that is their source. Nor is their form apart from the idea it represents."

e.g. the body is a form. Other people's bodies are forms, and you see these as outside your mind, because your mind is having wishful anti-christ thoughts about your brothers. And this wish to see them as not christ shows you a body which blocks your awareness of their Christ nature.

"All forms of anti-Christ oppose the Christ. And fall before His Face like a dark veil which SEEMS to shut you off from Him, alone in darkness."

So now the physical objects, the forms, which are the anti-Christ or against Christ ("the world was made as a picture of the crucifixion of God's son" - ie, a picture of Christ having been attacked). The physical world falls like a dark veil - a solid wall of matter - which shuts you off from Christ. The physical universe is this veil, it is the veil over the face of Christ which blocks your vision, seen as outside of your mind/body and in-between you and Christ.

"Yet the light is there. A cloud does not put out the sun. No more a veil can banish what it seems to separate, nor darken by one whit the Light Itself."

The face of Christ is BEHIND this wall of flesh, bones, bodies, planets, objects, still there, able to be seen with Christ Vision/true perception, but first the VEIL OF MATTER (sin/anti-christ) must be removed or be seen through (overlooked) in order to see PAST it to the Christ. ie the anti-christ has to get out of the way, meaning your beliefs and wishful thinking have to get out of the way, so that you can stop seeing the world of bodies/anti-christ/veil and instead see Christ. "Forgiveness (christ vision) does not look upon bodies."

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