The ego and the world are not really guilty

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We think of the world as the opposite to heaven, made to be its opposite as an attack on God. But something else also happened in the separation. We switched around what is true and what is false. By making an opposite to heaven, we asserted that something false can also be true, or that something opposite to the truth can be true. That unreality can really exist. This confused what is false and what is true.

So we actually went from a state where only the truth is true, and what is false is false, to a state where what is false is true and what is true is false. It is this mixing of true and false that produces the ego, which is the sense of insanity and backwardness and contradiction that pervades the seemingly opposite world.

The world then isn't just the opposite of heaven. It's also the opposite of the recognition that only what's true is true and what's false is false. It therefore produces a world in which reality and illusions seem to be combined, and now you cannot tell what is real and what isn't.

When something false is regarded as true, such as a mistake, that mistake is now believed to be not a mistake but a justified fact. If the opposite of the harmlessness of God is attack, and if attack is true not false, then attack becomes real. Real attack is the idea of sin. The combination of a mistaken unreal impossible illusion of attack, combined with a confusion about what is true and what isn't.

To recognize that the ego and the body and the world are nothing but a mistake, you have to simply become clear about what is true and what is false. This lifts away from the world all sense of truth, because it is a false world. In a false world, attack is not reality. It's an illusion of attack, and nothing real is ever hurt. This is why the worlds attacks are reinterpreted as errors, rather than sins, when your mind is corrected.

Mistakes are only sins when they are combined with reality. The many strange and unnatural things which happen in spacetime are simply symptoms of a false sense of separation. They are just mistakes based on the assertion that separation is possible. Such as that sickness and death are possible, even though in immortal reality they are not. It's only when you think the world is real that you think sickness and death are real, otherwise they are simply forgivable errors.

To be in ego is nothing more than to be mistaken, in truth. It just seems like it's more than a mistake, or not a mistake, when you believe the mistakedness. If you are lost in it and confused about what is true or real, being mistaken starts to look like a deliberate and real act of sin, with evil motives and deadly irreversible outcomes. When it is recognized as not happening in reality, it is nothing more than fiction, without any trace of guilt.

This is why really we need to get to the place where we stop making out that "the ego" is really evil, or really sinful, or really guilty. We need to stop scapegoating it, because that's just more confusion. The ego is not really anything, it has no reality and doesn't really exist. It's only when you are confused that you give reality to it and believe it is real, which turns a mistaken state into a sense of real evil.

The ego is just you being mistaken about what is true. And when you stop being mistaken and recognize it is only a mistake, not a sin, you will see yourself as forgiven, along with the whole world. A world that is based on a mistaken premise that separation is possible cannot be anything other than a mistake. And since it it not true and not real, it cannot be a sin or a truly evil world.

The forgiven world therefore is not really evil or really sinful because it doesn't have any reality or truth to it. A forgiven world is a false world. Only what is illusory or false can be forgiven. The world becomes forgiven when you recognize it is not real, and therefore is not really sinful. This doesn't mean it is innocent like heaven, because it is false, but it does mean it is just a mistake. When the world is recognized as nothing real and just the illusory consequence of a make-believe error, it must disappear. An unreal world cannot sin. An unreal ego cannot sin. An unreal body cannot sin. There is no sin because reality cannot be sinned against, and unreality is not even there.

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