The Holy Spirit is the idea of healing

Wednesday, Mar 01, 2023 487 words 2 mins 9 secs
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"The Holy Spirit is the IDEA of healing."

"Healing does not come DIRECTLY from God, who knows His Creations as perfectly whole."

"But healing is nevertheless OF God, because it proceeds from His Voice and from His laws."

"Healing IS the Holy Spirit's form of communication, and THE ONLY ONE HE KNOWS."

"The Holy Spirit does NOT work by chance, and the healing that is of HIM ALWAYS works."

"HEALING can be counted on BECAUSE it is inspired by His voice, and is in accord with His laws."

"He makes healing PERFECTLY clear in ANY situation in which He is the guide."

"As your function in Heaven is creation, so your function on earth is healing."

"LET yourself be healed completely, that you may JOIN with Him in healing."

"Step gently aside, and let the healing be done FOR you."

"And everyone is EQUALLY entitled to His gift of healing and deliverance and peace."

"He will place the miracle of healing where the seeds of sickness were."

"Yet here is also a great channel of hope and healing in the Holy Spirit's service."

"Perhaps the psychotherapist does not understand that healing comes from God."

"They can be sure that healing is a process He directs, because it is according to His Will."

"For healing tells him, in the Voice of God, that all his sins have been forgiven him."

"No-one can pay for therapy, for healing is of God and He asks for nothing."

"Nothing else can heal as God established healing."

"Without Him there is no healing, for there is no love."

"To heal, then, is to correct perception in your brother AND yourself by SHARING THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH HIM."

"The Holy Spirit ALWAYS seeks to unify and HEAL."

"Bringers of peace - the Holy Spirit's voice, through whom He speaks for God, Whose Voice He is - such are God's healers."

"The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it, to what the children of God were before healing was needed, and will be when they have BEEN healed."

"All therapy is release from the past. And that is why the Holy Spirit IS the only therapist. HE TEACHES THAT THE PAST DOES NOT EXIST, a fact which belongs to the sphere of knowledge, and which therefore NO-ONE IN THE WORLD KNOWS."

"The Holy Spirit is the ONLY therapist. He makes healing PERFECTLY clear in ANY situation in which He is the guide. The human therapist can only LET HIM FULFILL HIS FUNCTION. He needs no help for this. He WILL tell you EXACTLY what to do, to help ANYONE He sends to you FOR help, and will speak to him through you, IF YOU DO NOT INTERFERE. Remember that you ARE choosing a guide for helping, and the wrong choice will NOT help. But remember also that THE RIGHT ONE WILL. Trust Him, for help is His function, and He is of God."

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