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1848. An evil world of temptation and hell

Thursday, Apr 14, 2022 1662 words 7 mins 23 secs

The physical world was made as a projection of a false idea. Everything in it is false, untrue and unreal. It therefore depicts a lie, a deception, an illusion, and an attempt to ASSERT that something false is true. That...

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1847. The temptation of a sick body

Thursday, Apr 14, 2022 772 words 3 mins 25 secs

A person's body is held up as a picture. It covers up who they are. It says, "this is true of me." Or "this is what I am."

"You made the body in attempting to deceive yourself."

"What you...

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1846. The illusion of meaning in form

Saturday, Apr 09, 2022 502 words 2 mins 13 secs

"See how the body's eyes rest on externals, and CANNOT go beyond. Watch how they STOP at nothingness, unable to go BEYOND the form to meaning."

Physical sight is blinded by perception of form. It looks only at the...

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1845. Earth is a mirror that reflects your wishes

Thursday, Apr 07, 2022 547 words 2 mins 25 secs

I found this to be quite eye-opening. Recognizing first that the world IS a meaningless world. But that meaninglessness should not have any connotations of negative, depressing, sad, lost, etc. It actually has NO meaning of any kind, good or...

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1844. The mark of death is upon the world

Tuesday, Apr 05, 2022 2687 words 11 mins 56 secs

"You do not really want the world you see, for it has disappointed you since time began. The homes you built have never sheltered you. The roads you made have led you nowhere, and no city that you built has...

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1843. I am still as God created me

Sunday, Apr 03, 2022 641 words 2 mins 50 secs

"I am not a body I am free, for I am still as God created me."

You cannot define yourself. God created you. You had no say in this because you didn't exist at the time. You came into...

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1842. You are living in a dream world

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022 1940 words 8 mins 37 secs

"You are safe in God, dreaming of exile, but perfectly capable of waking to reality."

"Awareness of dreaming is the real function of God's teachers. They watch the dream figures come and go, shift and change, suffer and die. Yet...

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1841. The ego disease - a world of mentally ill people

Monday, Mar 28, 2022 2745 words 12 mins 12 secs

"Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real...

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1840. The real and unreal selves

Sunday, Mar 27, 2022 1159 words 5 mins 9 secs

A person has a real self, and temporarily an unreal self. The real self is the soul, and the unreal self is the ego. The ego is nothing more than the attempt to DENY the real self. Denying the...

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1839. Healing is simple

Saturday, Mar 26, 2022 1347 words 5 mins 59 secs

"It is your function to ***recognize for him that what he believes about himself is not the truth***. It is your forgiveness that must show him this. Healing is very simple." "***When a brother behaves insanely, you can heal...

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1838. Miracles can accomplish the impossible

Saturday, Mar 26, 2022 1875 words 8 mins 20 secs

In terms of possibility, and impossibility, heaven is the only possibility. God has made it possible, because God is possible. God's freedom is all possibility, and the one possibility or outcome is the creation of the Kingdom.

In the...

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1837. The truth about sickness, fear and victimhood

Thursday, Mar 24, 2022 1024 words 4 mins 33 secs

In ACIM Jesus sometimes says some things which would be .... possibly offensive... to many people. These truth bombs don't go so far as to point fingers or to try to make people guilty, but it's quite likely that...

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1836. How projecting sin makes your body sick <3

Thursday, Mar 24, 2022 3864 words 17 mins 10 secs

There is a lot of resistance to this very radical part of ACIM, so let's look at it even more closely.

When you project sin onto others, you are accusing them of your own sins. You do this to...

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1835. I misunderstood the world, right from the start

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022 692 words 3 mins 4 secs1 comments

I think I made a major mistake when starting out with the course. It was fuelled by a rather "negative" view of the world, which was part mine, and part that of certain teachers I listened to. In that...

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1834. This meaningless world is a mirror for God's reflection

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022 1384 words 6 mins 9 secs

It's important for us to be willing to look at the world and recognize that it HAS NO MEANING. The world ITSELF is utterly meaningless. It was made as a projected idea of the opposite of God. God is...

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1833. You must demonstrate your immortality physically

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022 2012 words 8 mins 56 secs

To prove that your mind is restored to sanity and to its truly immortal nature, you must also be willing to prove physically that you are invulnerable. This demonstration of invulnerability requires great confidence, in that even when others attempt...

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1832. What is it for? Don't ask what, ask why

Sunday, Mar 20, 2022 2541 words 11 mins 17 secs1 comments

"The test of EVERYTHING on earth is simply this: "What is it FOR?" The answer makes it what it IS for you. It has NO meaning of itself, yet you can GIVE reality to it, according to the purpose which...

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1831. God is my strength and power

Saturday, Mar 19, 2022 956 words 4 mins 14 secs

In ACIM there are lessons surrounding the idea that God is my strength. It's a very simple 4-word sentence. But in it you can also see the dynamic of relationship between you and God, in terms of the power...

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1830. Changing how I see the world

Thursday, Mar 17, 2022 3091 words 13 mins 44 secs

I've been wrong about the world. Again.

My view of what the world IS has changed a lot recently. I see now that ACIM is telling me the world itself was projected out as "nothing", or an empty screen,...

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1829. Miracles can break the laws of physics

Thursday, Mar 17, 2022 2436 words 10 mins 49 secs

"What He (Holy Spirit) enables you to do is clearly NOT of this world, for miracles violate every law of reality, as this world judges it. Every law of time and space, of magnitude and mass, of prediction and control,...

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