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4. Your false empathy is attacking victims with an illusion of caring

Friday, Jul 14, 2017 1409 words 6 mins 15 secs

You are attacking victims with your false empathy. It's time for some honesty.

When you see someone as a victim, such as that they are sick, diseased, suffering, afraid, being victimized by someone else, are disabled, weak, helpless, vulnerable, at a...

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3. The world is full of liars, falling for their illusions is false empathy

Friday, Jun 09, 2017 824 words 3 mins 39 secs

Both sides of every war are run by the ego. The war is symptomatic of the ego attacking itself. War is self attack.

When you believe that one side of the war is the good guys and one side is the...

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2. Using empathy to join minds for healing

Tuesday, Dec 06, 2016 889 words 3 mins 57 secs

Most of the time, people consider themselves confined to their bodies. The body itself forms a barrier around their mind, shutting it in. The only place on the body where it seems the mind is 'visible' if you will, is...

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1. False empathy agrees with the sinfulness of others

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016 248 words 1 mins 6 secs

I used to think that "false empathy" meant when you are basically empathizing with someone, sympathizing, or sort of getting into their emotional drama etc....

Now I see it is more than that. It means really `joining` with someone in,...

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