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3. Enjoyed another angel encounter last night

Saturday, May 13, 2017 205 words 0 mins 54 secs

Did a healing for myself after feeling pain in my hand, which was anger I was holding onto.

After a process of visualizing the healing and commanding it to leave etc, I was again not expecting it but.... there was an...

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2. Unexpected encounters with angels during healing

Friday, May 12, 2017 2020 words 8 mins 58 secs

I've been having some unexpected encounters with angels recently.

After researching more about miracle-working and watching some more videos from people doing it, I learned that it's possible to use your mind and imagination to not only visualize someone being healed,...

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1. Hearing spiritual guidance

Saturday, Sep 24, 2016 902 words 4 mins 0 secs

Hearing spiritual guidance... "His Voice will direct you very specifically." ...

Your mind seems to be like a speaker system, and it is constantly engaging in noise and commotion and making sounds and broadcasting. It has something to say about everything...

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