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35. Unforgiveness is a separation between giving and receiving

Saturday, Oct 15, 2022 580 words 2 mins 34 secs

"The unforgiving mind does not believe that giving and receiving are the same."

All unforgiveness is based on a belief that you are separate from others. If you are separate, what applies to them does not apply to you,...

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34. Learning that giving and receiving are one

Saturday, Oct 15, 2022 902 words 4 mins 0 secs

"What you find difficult to accept is the fact that, LIKE your Father, YOU are an idea. And like Him, YOU can give yourself COMPLETELY, wholly without loss, and ONLY WITH GAIN."

When giving and receiving are seen as...

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33. The unwillingness to give miracles

Friday, Oct 14, 2022 1615 words 7 mins 10 secs

Miracle principle 11 says "A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service that one soul can render another. It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself. The doer recognizes his own and his neighbor's inestimable...

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32. Giving is receiving - heal to be healed

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 2873 words 12 mins 46 secs

"To perceive the healing of your brother as the healing of yourself, is thus the way to remember God."

"To HAVE, GIVE all TO all."

This is hard for an ego-identified person to understand. It sounds backwards. It's saying...

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31. Miracles give life and raise the dead

Thursday, Apr 21, 2022 679 words 3 mins 1 secs

In God, you are eternal life. You are immortal. You are given life by God, and you are made of life. Your gift of life allows you to give life. And so you can create life just as God...

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30. Giving your power away is death

Monday, Sep 13, 2021 1278 words 5 mins 40 secs

When you move away from love, you move away from power. Love is power. God is love. God is power.

Moving away from love you move into fear. Fear is powerlessnses. It's the attempt to have no power. It's the attempt...

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29. Giving and receiving are one - give it or lose it!

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020 2296 words 10 mins 12 secs


"To the Holy Spirit, it is the fundamental law of sharing, by which you give what you value in order to keep it in your OWN minds."

"To have all, give all to all."

"Atonement as a Lesson in...

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28. Atonement must be given to others

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020 1076 words 4 mins 46 secs

You may notice that when we apply forgiveness, a big part of this is taking the projected blame off of other people. Recognizing that it's really you that you're blaming and then undoing that condemnation. This all seems to imply...

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27. Giving and receiving are one - how to heal

Sunday, Feb 02, 2020 1337 words 5 mins 56 secs

Giving and receiving must occur simultaneously.

This means that in order to receive love and healing, you must give love and healing.

Which in turn means, that the only way for you to be healed, is to extend healing to others.

Which therefore...

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26. You have to give love first to receive love

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019 2238 words 9 mins 56 secs


Love is in you, it is you, it is God given. God put love and light and power into you. You did not put it there and cannot produce it on your...

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25. Miracles actively give something to others

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018 144 words 0 mins 38 secs


"Miracles are ENERGIZING."

"What you share you STRENGTHEN."

"Miracles are healing because they supply a lack."

"A miracle is a universal blessing from God"

"..he can let HIMSELF be healed, and thus offer the other what he has received."

"I give the miracles...

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24. Your individual God-Given free will

Monday, Apr 02, 2018 363 words 1 mins 36 secs

Jesus talks further about the power of your FREE WILL.

"All things BECOME possible through our joint will. But my will alone will not help you. Your will is as free as mine, and God Himself would not go against it."


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23. Gratitude receives supernatural miracles and amplifies faith

Monday, Mar 05, 2018 1688 words 7 mins 30 secs

I believe I have received. Thank you God.

2000 years ago Jesus said "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Gratitude is an attitude of fully appreciating what...

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22. Receiving and giving miracles is the same - you must give to receive

Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018 574 words 2 mins 33 secs

Receiving of miracles it not something that you "get" from God and then just sit there with it as though it is now in your possession. It is not possible to actually receive miracles WITHOUT being also willing to give...

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21. Miracles must be received

Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 291 words 1 mins 17 secs

If you want miracles to happen for you, you must become willing to receive them.

You will only be able to GIVE the miracles that you have RECEIVED.

Receipt of miracles happens when you accept atonement, which does not have to mean...

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20. Listen and receive love

Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 1157 words 5 mins 8 secs

This morning Jesus told me to "listen". So I just lay there and focused on listening. My thoughts stopped. It was at times difficult to maintain extreme focus on listening intently, particularly without anything to listen "to". My mind kept...

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19. Give the gift of listening fully to someone

Saturday, Dec 23, 2017 770 words 3 mins 25 secs

Our mind in its natural state is joined with our Soul and with God. In this state, it receives the causal expression and extends it. In a sense, the mind does not have its own content, it just extends what...

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18. Opening up to receive the Holy Spirit’s help

Sunday, Dec 03, 2017 1497 words 6 mins 39 secs

Separation seems to have disconnected our mind from Spirit. Jesus describes the separation process thus:

"7 First, the assumption is implicit that what God created can be changed by the mind of man.

8 Second, the concept that what is perfect can...

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17. You can offer miracles but someone can refuse to receive them

Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 3675 words 16 mins 19 secs




Jesus has the power to undo all sickness in a brother right now, BUT WILL NOT if they do not want it. Love cannot enter...

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16. The Holy Spirit's mind is bi-directional, giving and receiving are equal

Thursday, Jul 13, 2017 443 words 1 mins 58 secs

The mind of Holy Spirit is bi-directional, in that it both gives and receives equally. It isn't just a mind that gives, or just a mind that receives.

In the ego's mind, giving and receiving are separate, creating the illusion that...

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