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Jesus talks further about the power of your FREE WILL.

"All things BECOME possible through our joint will. But my will alone will not help you. Your will is as free as mine, and God Himself would not go against it."

WOWZA, stop the action, what is this saying? It's saying that you have free will which EVEN GOD does not oppose. That automatically means your will is not "determined" by God. You have been GIVEN FREEDOM, and that makes you a "separate being" with your own mind, will and soul. Where is there any provision for free will in "non-duality"? And where is the personal responsibility of "choosing the atonement for yourself"?

"I cannot will what God does not will. I CAN offer you my will to make yours invincible by this sharing, but I CANNOT oppose yours without competing with it and thereby violating God’s Will for you."

OK stop the action again.... what is he saying?! ... He's saying that not even JESUS can oppose your will. Your will is shaping up to be pretty powerful here! It meas Jesus honors and respects YOUR freedom and YOUR free will to be able to choose what YOU want or what YOU DECIDE. He can agree with you and share with you, but He CANNOT OPPOSE you or force you. Nor can God.

"Nothing God created can oppose your will, as nothing God created can oppose His."

This makes sense. God gave you free will by WILLING that you BE FREE. It is, in effect, God's WILL that you are FREE FROM being willing against. And actually this makes even more sense when you realize, that it is "opposing wills" that produces separation. And so the freedom to will is a NATURAL PART of Heaven ie Creation, otherwise if God were to force something upon you or your will HAD to have its decisions "chosen for it" by God, unwillingly, that WOULD be an opposition of will and a tyranny and God is not like that.

"God GAVE your will its power, which I can only acknowledge in honor of HIS."

See? You have free will in heaven. Every brother does. This is all part of our INDIVIDUALITY IN HEAVEN.

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