Miracles must be received

Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 291 words 1 mins 17 secs
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If you want miracles to happen for you, you must become willing to receive them.

You will only be able to GIVE the miracles that you have RECEIVED.

Receipt of miracles happens when you accept atonement, which does not have to mean the 'final' complete acceptance of it, but a willingness to accept even a little bit of it on some topic.

As you apply forgiveness/undoing of ego, you should be undoing your belief in death, sickness, fear, guilt and sin. Once you stop believing these things have truth or reality to them, you will be WILLING and READY to receive God's truth. To accept the Atonement.

As you accept that the atonement is true - that the truth is true - it means your mind becomes open to allowing receipt of God's will. To accept God's truth about you. That you are innocent and nothing happened.

Receive that, and you are receiving a miracle. You are receiving the willingness to extend the truth.

When you accept that you are worthy of God's truth, you will become willing to accept that others are also worthy of God's truth. And that automatically gives you the power and willingness to extend miracles to others.

"It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive" speaks to the same idea. Forgive yourself and you will gain the ability to see others as forgive and to forgive them FOR them as a service which can actually heal them miraculously.

Going to the atonement equips you with love.

God is already offering you eternal life and complete divine health and permanent happiness. It's just a matter of you having gone off on your own trying not to want to receive it, to reject it. So your only task is to re-receive the gifts of God again.

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