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Ok's let's step back and look at the big picture. God exists. God created the Kingdom of Heaven, which comprises the sonship and the Holy Spirit. You and your brothers co-create to add to the Kingdom. The holy trinity is all that really exists.

"Your creations are your gift to the Holy Trinity, created in gratitude for YOUR creation."

"Through our creations we extend our Love, and thus increase the joy of the Holy Trinity."

"The Holy Trinity is holy BECAUSE It is One."

Then there was this thing we call the separation from God, which is a mad idea. It's mad because it's not possible in reality, so believing it is insane. It's a mistaken belief that you have become separate through sin, when you haven't. This belief denies God and therefore makes the awareness of reality unconscious to you. It induces a kind of sleep state where God seems to be denied.

Denial does not change the truth, nor does it affect reality in any way. It is merely an attempt to hide from it, by shutting it out of awareness and pretending it is not true. Denial in fact implies that what has been denied IS STILL THERE, which is why denial contradicts itself.

"What seems to be the opposite of life is merely sleeping. When the mind elects to be what it is not, and to assume an alien power which it does not have, a foreign state it cannot enter, or a false condition not within its Source, it merely seems to go to sleep a while."

"The out of mind is out of sight, because what is denied is THERE, but is not recognized."

In this sleep state we dream of an entire world whose nature is completely opposite to heaven. A world of space and time and galaxies and planets and civilizations. Worlds populated by bodies at war with each other. All of this is nothing but a fiction, because it cannot be true or really exist or happen in the Kingdom of God.

"earth the other's sorry outcome which is Heaven's opposite in every way." "For this world IS the opposite of Heaven, having been made to BE its opposite. And EVERYTHING here takes a direction EXACTLY opposite to what is true."

In the dream of space and time, it SEEMS like impossible things happen. Sin occurs. Wars occur. Events seem to happen. People seem to do stuff. But the fact is that it is all a form of wishful thinking, it is all impossible, and none of it has any bearing on the reality of the Kingdom. This means that the entire history of the universe we made means absolutely nothing, does nothing, and does not even really exist.

"It dreams of time; an interval in which what seems to happen never has occurred, the changes wrought are substanceless, and all events are nowhere. When the mind awakes, it but continues as it always was.

"Time is a trick; a sleight of hand, a vast illusion in which figures come and go as if by magic."

The important thing to realize is that the premise of God leads to the conclusion of heaven, and the premise of "not God" (separation, attack on God) leads to the dream of hell and death.

If the premise for the world of death is FALSE, and if in truth the world is JUST A DREAM and has no reality in God's creation, then anything that seems to happen in it IS VOID. Every event is just part of a fictional dream. Every attack is a fantasy. Every dead body is an illusion. Every war is happening to nothing. Every conflict is artificial and make-believe. Every form of suffering is completely impossible.

Not one single thing in the dream world bleeds over into the reality of the Kingdom. Not one single attack has any effect whatsoever on anything real - remembering "nothing real can be threatened." Not one single child of God can ever by hurt, because all God's children are immortal and perfect. Not one single sin has every occurred.

Anything that you think you did in this world, anything that anyone else seems to do in this world, has NO EFFECT on anything real. No-one is ever really at war. No-one is every really hurt. No-one is ever invaded or attacked or suffering or dying. This is A DREAM. It's a dream that you're having because you are ASLEEP. Your mind is hallucinating a terrible world of conflict and nightmares.

"Anything else is only his own nightmare, and does not exist."

"What if you recognized this world is a hallucination? What if you REALLY understood you made it up? What if you realized that those who SEEM to walk about in it, to sin and die, attack and murder and destroy themselves, are WHOLLY unreal?"

The ONLY way therefore to "forgive" what's seeming to happen, is to recognize that IT ISN'T. This is the proper use of denial to deny anything not of God any reality whatsoever. If the premise of this world is that the world is real, then every event is real and meaningful and true. But if the premise of this world is that it is UNREAL and a DREAM, then NOTHING that seems to happen means anything whatsoever. Nothing is having any real effect on anything real, because this world is NOT REAL.

If someone seems to attack someone in an UNREAL world, there has not really been an attack. If someone wages a war in an unreal world using unreal weapons to invade and attack an unreal country on the basis of believing there are "real benefits" to doing so, or justified reasons for anger, or any other such nonsense, then those people are delusional. They are fighting over scraps of dreams, imaginary lands, fictional purposes, and for completely made-up reasons. This is insanity.

"Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and make them real. It sees there was no sin. And in this view are all your sins forgiven. What is sin except a false idea about God's Son? Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God."

In order to recognize that what you THINK your brother DID, has NOT OCCURRED ..... you have to recognize this whole world is a dream. ONLY IF it is a dream can it be true that it has NOT OCCURRED. Even if you saw it, even if you remember it, even if it's on the TV, even if it's in the history books, even if there appears to be "real bloodshed" or evidence or proof of sin, even if huge chunks of the planet are destroyed.... if the whole premise of this environment is that IT IS NOT REAL, then NONE OF THIS HAS OCCURRED in reality.

There is no war in God. There is no pain in God. There is no attack in God. There is no conflict in God. There is no ownership in God. There is no invasion in God. There are no weapons in God. There is no land in God. There is no earth in God. There are no bodies in God. There is no disagreement in God. There is no suffering in God. NONE of these things are POSSIBLE in God because God is permanently perfect, his creation is perfect, his children are perfect, and nothing else is EVER true.

This is what you need to see if you want to forgive ANYTHING in this world. You cannot forgive it if you think it has really happened. You cannot forgive it if you think there is real proof that it happened. This is why the course asks you to "demonstrate that you had no hurt of him", which you do by healing your body, in order to SHOW HIM PROOF of his innocence, defying his attempts to destroy you, in order to testify to the fact that nothing can happen against your reality.

"For no-one in whom true forgiveness reigns CAN suffer. He holds not the proof of sin, before his brother's eyes."

Nothing in the history of the human race, or the history of planet Earth, or the history of this all space and time, has happened. "All events are nowhere". NOTHING has happened. There is not even really a world here.

"There is no world." The ONLY way it is forgiven is by recognizing it has no substance, no value, no importance, no truth, no reality, no existence.

Your brother is forgiven because he literally in reality CANNOT DO ANYTHING to you. Your brother is forgiven because in reality HE CANNOT SIN against anything real. Your brother is forgiven because it is NOT POSSIBLE to wage war in the Kingdom of God. Your brother is forgiven because everything he SEEMS to do to sin is happening entirely in a MISTAKEN state of mind, in a dreaming state of sleep, in a TOTAL FANTASY, which has NO REALITY AND NO TRUTH.

None of this has happened. Only the Kingdom of God exists. There is no world. There is no war.

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