Can you be completely forgiven?

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ou seek forgiveness because you believe you are guilty.

Yet while you believe you are guilty you cannot BE forgiven.

It's not that God isn't willing to forgive you. God always sees you as innocent.

It's that you are not willing to let go of believing you're guilty. You are unwilling to receive love.

In order to RECEIVE forgiveness, you have to be willing to drop the guilt and ACCEPT that you are innocent. And since God is not the one finding you guilty, it is YOU that must forgive YOURSELF by accepting HIS view of you.

If you truly are asking for forgiveness and you REALLY want to be forgiven, then you have to accept the conditions of forgiveness, which is that you are absolved of guilt because you are wholly innocent and free.

So at some point, your motivation for seeking forgiveness should transition from "I'm guilty, please forgive me" to "I'm not guilty and I have not done anything wrong".

This is, essentially, the transition from the traditional form of forgiveness, which says I did something bad and should be pardoned - but are still essentially guilty of having done it, to the TRUE form of forgiveness which says .... you ARE innocent, because you HAVE NOT done anything.

How can you be innocent if, in some way, you are guilty of doing something? If in any way 'you did it', you are guilty. This is the ego's law. Things happening in the world = guilty. Doesn't matter what it is. If it happened, it is part of the belief that SIN has happened - original sin - separation from God. This idea of 'it happened' means you are sinful, therefore guilty, therefore not innocent at all.

So being 'let off' from guilt in spite of the fact that you did something, only HALF forgives you. It says, well, we know you still did it, we're still going to hate you in the background and never truly let go of this grievance, BUT we'll forgive you ... for now. You're still guilty.

So what will it take to go from conditional forgiveness to unconditional forgiveness? From partial forgiveness to whole forgiveness? From partial innocence to COMPLETE innocence?

To be innocent, it must be IMPOSSIBLE that you ever did anything at all. Innocence means you are INCAPABLE OF SIN. How does someone who is truly innocent ever have even the ABILITY to do anything sinful? It's impossible. It's not part of their nature. So innocence MUST go hand in hand with ... the atonement, the TRUE atonement (not compensation) .... that NOTHING HAPPENED.

This is what the Course is teaching us. We are always innocent. Nothing has happened. All is forgiven AND 'forgotten' because nothing has happened.

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