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All of the course’s METAPHYSICS is based on perfectly clear, black and white, impeccable logical reasoning. REASON is the attribute of a sane mind. Through reason, you can literally SEE SENSE. What makes perfect sense is true.

"The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite."

(something which is everything, leaves no room for anything else, right? Something that takes up all the space leaves no room for an opposite. That’s perfectly logical)

"Noting real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists."

(if real things cannot be threatened, and ending existence requires threat/attack, then everything that produces non-existence must be unreal. That’s perfectly logical)

"If perfect love casts out fear, and if fear exists, then there is NOT perfect love. But only perfect love really exists. Therefore, if there is fear, it creates a state which does not exist."

(if there is fear, there is not love, ie there is a lack of love, because love’s presence casts out or shines away fear. Lights dispells darkness. This seems to suggest if darkness is present, light is not. Or if fear is present, love is not. But believing that is believing illusions. Only love exists, and love is all encompassing, so fearful states do not really exist. This is perfectly logical)

"You HAVE carried the ego's reasoning to its logical conclusion, which is TOTAL CONFUSION ABOUT EVERYTHING."

(believing that what is true is false, and that what is false is true, is total confusion about what is true and real. Ego is a state of total confusion. Which is inanity - believing illusions are real, believing lies are true, beliving the impossible is possible. This is perfectly logical)

"A sick body does not make any sense. It could not make any sense, since sickness is not what it is for."

(bodies are communication devices. Confusing their purpose and attacking them for you seeming to fail to communicate is insane. Thus sickness (attack upon the body) is nonsense. It’s implementing on false grounds as a defense against truth and against sense. No one in their right mind can be sick. This is perfectly logical)

Jesus goes on, and the course is littered with blatantly logical statements. If you can SEE the logic in them, behind the words, you are seeing the metaphysics. The metaphysics is totally flawless and not open to interpretation or opinion. There aren’t 1500 different versions of the LOGIC. There is only ONE. Otherwise you are making logical errors. And this is also why only the ONE truth is true.

Anyone reasoning correctly should have no option but to accept and admit and agree with it. Seeing sense means seeing the LOGIC. WHY it makes sense. This is why the atonement eventually becomes so obvious that it makes sense, is the only truth that makes sense, and nothing else makes any sense. When you can see why it is the only TRUTH, logically, reasonably, you will have no OPINION left to defend against it, and will submit yourself to God.

The atonement is the logical concluson of God providing a perfect answer to the mistaken logic of the separation. This is why it is a flawless response, making ascension absolutely inevitable. It makes perfect sense that God knows how to perfectly resolve the logical thinking ERRORS of his children.

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