How the ego pretends to solve problems

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016 237 words 1 mins 3 secs
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The ego makes a problem seem real, gets intense about it, magnifies it, and then tries to do something about it.

The ego can put on a mask of being a 'problem solver' or 'fixer' or 'doer' or 'seeker', claiming that it is innocently trying to solve the problem.

But the ego has made the problem in the first place. And for it to then turn around and claim to be working on solving it, is a complete farce.

The ego cannot, and does not really want to, solve the problems it has created. But it loves to SEEM like it is doing so.

It loves to think it not only has the purpose and innocent function of being the fixer and solver and savior in the situation, but that it actually is capable of finding the perfect answer, which is always elusive.

As the ego works on its solution to a problem, it really compounds the problem. So this is the ego's version of healing. The ego seeks to heal the problems it has made real.

It wants them to go away, while secretly sustaining and reinforcing them. And therefore the ego's form of healing is in fact an ATTACK, which damages and makes the problem worse.

The ego's mantra is that salvation can be achieved through attack.

Responding to an illusory problem that doesn't even really exist and can't be happening in God's Kingdom, means you are deceived and deluded.

True Forgiveness is needed.

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