Ideas (children of God) leave not their source

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God makes room within his own being to SHARE his being, and then places thoughts within his mind/being which are His Holy Children. These are within his being, but He in a sense steps aside to "allow" them to be free. These thought-creations, children of God, do not leave God’s mind. God "hosts" us.

Then, within the individual minds of each of these creations, we each have our own creations. We share and extend and create beings "within" the scope of our own being and mind, which do not leave our minds. We make room for them within our being and share ourselves with them as "host" to our children.

In this way, nothing real ever leaves the mind of God or the mind of the Sons of God. Everything is created INSIDE the being of what is already created. Since these LIVING BEIGNS are "ideas" or "thoughts", these ideas do not leave their source. They do not live "outside" of their host-mind.

In this way, real ideas do not leave their source. Thoughts must always occur WITHIN the mind that thinks them, just as all creation takes place WITHIN the creator. We are host to our creations just as God is host to us. Similarly, because God has made room to share Himself with us, we therefore co-create our children WITH Him, and share equally with all our brothers who are equally existing within the realm of God’s being.

We have not left our source.

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