If you believe you have really sinned

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If you have not really sinned, you automatically have no reason to try to get rid of the responsibility for having sinned.

If you believe you HAVE really sinned, and believe in your own sinfulness, you will try to escape the EFFECTS of sin. Sin causes guilt, fear, punishment and death. It is condemning. That's a pretty big reason to want to escape those effects!

You will then find yourself PRETENDING that part of you is not yourself - that it is someone else. And then you will displace all of your SELF BLAME onto that part, disassociate your identity from it, and pretend that it belongs to a separate self.

You will attack this "not me" part of yourself and put all of your self condemnation onto it, accusing it and finding it sinful, berating it and hating it, like it's some kind of culprit, when in fact it's actually a part of yourself. This is self abuse. It's your "innocent persona" attacking and CREATING your "guilty shadow".

You will then overlay this hallucinated "other not self" on top of people, and believe that they are the ones who are guilty. You will think that your perception of this IN them, justifies you being angry AT them, and that therefore you SHOULD blame them for what you believe they are doing to YOU. Projection of your split mind onto others completes your ESCAPE PLAN.

But you are doing this all to yourself. And you're ONLY doing this because you believe you are really sinful. And because of that belief, you THINK that you can DENY that YOU YOURSELF believe in your own sinfulness, by hiding from it using denial, and then pretending that someone ELSE is the sinner.

It is simply clear that, if you did not believe that you are really sinful, yourself, you would have no NEED for denial, no NEED for a scapegoat, no NEED for disassociation, no NEED for projection onto "not me" (others), and you would not NEED to find other people guilty of YOUR OWN SINS. You would also not need to create persona at war with a shadow, and all that would remain is your REAL Self.

As Jesus teaches, "you but accuse your brother of your own sins." This is LITERALLY TRUE. You ONLY accuse your brother of your own belief that YOU are sinful. Your attempt to find someone else guilty is your secret belief that YOU are guilty. Your attempt to see someone as sinful is YOUR OWN BELIEF in YOUR OWN SINFULNESS, that you're trying to disown.

It is your OWN belief in your own sinfulness that you are trying to escape from. You want someone to take the blame for what YOU believe YOU really did! And that's the only reason why you are doing the denial/projectin/blame game at all. You have a vested interest in finding someone to take the blame FOR you, so that you can convince yourself you don't really hate yourself, even though deep down you STILL DO.

The answer to undoing this is obvious and simple.



Where will be the need for denial, or a split mind, or a projection, or a persona being at war with a shadow, or scapegoating onto someone else then? You'll have absolutely no need to do so. And that also means, you will no longer have a DESIRE or a NEED to find other people sinful... you will not WANT to find them sinful, because doing so really means you are finding YOURSELF SINFUL! You cannot escape the effects of what you believe about yourself.

If you are not really sinful, because you did not REALLY sin, because sin is not REALITY, because nothing REALLY happened, then you MUST still be innocent. And only when you can accept that this is TRUE about you will you stop ATTACKING YOURSELF with the condemnation that you are a sinner. It is you doing this to yourself. It is your self attack, masquerading as an attack on others.

Nobody has ever attacked you, and you have never really attacked anyone else. You're incapable. You're just in a war with your OWN SELF, attempting to take sides WITHIN your own mind, attacking YOU, because YOU believe that you really sinned. And if you no longer are choosing to see YOURSELF as sinful, in all honesty, you will stop trying to see OTHERS as sinful and will stop splitting of fa part of your mind to house all of your self attack. Thus you will find others WORTHY OF YOUR LOVE, and you will be justified in loving them.

Real sin is the belief that separation REALLY happened, producing real consequences. If sin is not real, separation cannot have REALLY happened and you're still WITH God and exactly AS God created you. Innocent, holy, permanently forgiven, and completely WORTHY OF LOVE.

Once you are worthy of love, you are NOT worthy of sin or attack, and you will not feel that attack is JUSTIFIED, and you will STOP ATTACKING YOURSELF.

You are worthy of the love of God, and always will be. Once you stop WANTING to attack yourself through a belief in real sin, you will AUTOMATICALLY stop judging others and will desire to love them.

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