If you perceive something outside of you is affecting you, you must be afraid

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017 377 words 1 mins 40 secs
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Whatever form it takes, if you are perceiving that something outside of you has the power to do something to you, you MUST be afraid.

This fear then is not even optional, because in order to see and thus believe that something has more power than you do, you have to demote your own power and weaken yourself, which is an act of going into fear not love. Fear is a lack of strength, and love is strength.

Seeing yourself AS weak, vulnerable, susceptible, affectable, automatically induces fear. It's not even a question of that you might become afraid or you might not. YOU WILL and YOU MUST.

You cannot experience the perception of being at the effect of the world, no matter who it is or what form it takes or what the situation is, without experiencing fear.

That means, fear is actually a component of the WAY that you are perceiving the world. And it also means, that if you change the way you perceive, you CANNOT be afraid. Not just that you might not be, or occasionally will, but literally CANNOT.

You cannot experience fear at all if you are perceiving that there is no threat, no danger, nothing against you, no separate will, and that you are WHOLE. You cannot experience fear whatsoever when you recognize yourself as everything, and cease attacking yourself. There is no basis for it. Fear simply will stop existing because you're not making it.

So if you feel afraid about something, YOU KNOW, that it means, you HAVE CHOSEN to see yourself as a victim. You HAVE looked at the situation, with you in it, playing the role of "I'm being affected by this". And then you know, that this is you attempting to demonstrate and PROVE that you can be attacked.

Why would you try to prove you can be attacked? And why would you use FEAR to prove this, positioning yourself as though you really are in threat and danger? Especially given you cannot be threatened UNLESS you threaten yourself with your mistaken perception!

All attack is self attack. The world can do nothing to you. If you could fully believe that you would have no fear and be invulnerable. Demonstrate invulnerability to PROVE that you are not at the effect of the world.

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