It is impossible to blame someone else

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 281 words 1 mins 14 secs
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It is impossible to scapegoat or blame someone, because you are only attacking yourself.

Even in your ego denial and delusions you are not attacking anyone else, and they are not attacking you.

You can't really leave your mind, to go outside of it, to then attack another separate self. There is nothing outside of it.

It's useful as a stage of learning about forgiveness to realize that you scapegoat, and that you keep projecting blame onto others.

But you will also realize at some point, you never really WERE blaming anyone else. You were blaming yourself. You were hallucinating that it was "not you" that was receiving the effects of the blame, but it really was you, and not them at all.

You were attacking yourself, even if you pretended you were attacking another.

And so you literally were doing unto yourself as you would have yourself do unto you.

You haven't successfully blamed anyone. You just think you have.

You have received all of the effects of your attacks, and no-one else. And no-one else has ever successfully attacked you, because real attack is impossible.

This is why you need to forgive yourself for having not really sinned. It's only because you believe you are really sinful that you even conceive of scapegoating (being in denial) in the first place.

Good luck trying to get someone else to take the blame for what you believe you did. You will still believe you're sinful even if you pretend you don't believe it. Deep down you believe you are just as sinful. Your attempt to blame, project and scapegoat is your attempt to DENY IT TO YOURSELF, so that YOU don't have awareness that you DO BELIEVE in your own sinfulness.

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